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Merry Christmas!!!

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Keyboard Jockey will return

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Bloggus Interputus "It'll Be A Blue Christmas"

Keyboard Jockey, Baby and Sister Mary.

Hail Mary,
Full of Grace,
The Lord is with thee.
Blessed art thou among women,
and blessed is the fruit
of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary,
Mother of God,
pray for us sinners now,
and at the hour of death.

I Am Alabama Bound, May You All Have A Peaceful, Wonderful Christmas & A Happy Hanukkah.

Sherlock Holmes "Christmas Day"

I am a big Robert Downey Jr Fan. Sherlock Holmes release date Christmas Day.

Sherlock Holmes, Warner Brothers Official Website HERE or Click on the graphic above. List Of Cast HERE.

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West Bend, Wisconsin - Kenney's Winter Wonderland

"Pictures of our backyard of the 12 inch snowfall we had last Wednesday. Gene."

The Kenneys immigrated from Laois County Ireland. The Sons, and at least one Daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth Kenney, came to America with their Mother. They settled in Farmington, Washington County, Wisconsin. The Kenneys were Catholic. My 2nd Great Grandfather James Kenney married Catherine Burns/Byrns, and they had many children, and so did his siblings. Martin, Patrick, Catherine, and possibly a Lance Kenney. Many of our Kenney Kin are buried in St John Of God's Catholic Cemetery in Farmington, Washington County, Wisconsin. And I was so fortunate to be reunited with my Kenney cousin Gene, who has done an enormous amount of research into our Kenney's ancestry. Including sending me photos of not only the Kenneys' resting place in St John Of God's Cemetery. Gene also traveled to neighboring Sheboygan County, for my Great Grandfather James Aloysius Kenney's wife's family, the Jordans, also Irish Immigrants from Sligo and Mayo Countys Ireland. Thomas & Sarah (Morgan) Jordan, and some of their children, are resting in St Michaels Catholic Cemetery. When the Irish arrived in these two areas, they got busy, and built Catholic Churchs which their children were baptized in, and later the church's cemeteries, would hold their mortal remains. Gene, is related to me through Martin Kenney, who enlisted in the Union Army, during the Civil War.

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Parker Square "Holiday Stroll" Northern Texas

Juvenile Jockey's First You Tube Video. That Multimedia Class Is Paying Off. Merry Christmas From Northern Texas.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas on Main Street USA

Click to view a larger version of the image:

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The Boss Lays It Down "Cause Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born To Run"

December 5th I went to a friends to have a birthday party for my husband....towards the end of the night someone puts on the video of the rock and roll hall of fame show....which is airing on HBO.....They had a 60 inch flat screen TV surround sound and High was like being at the concert....I watched many great performances....saw a lot of artists that now look ancient....and that made me feel old....Then it got to Bruce Springsteen....I wouldn't ever say I have been a fan of his....I never disliked his music, just never made a point of searching it out, and listening to it....After the performance of that night tho...I have discovered why he is "The Boss" ....He showed more energy then any other performers....was smiling laughing and having fun...and stole the show...Usually singing with his gruff voice, he sang, a New York State of Mind with Billy Joel...and showed his range....and man can he sing....I recommend his music and definitely his performance on this show as must watch and listen to....others sang with various artists and they were nice and cool to see....but Bruce made everyone he sang with rock stars all over again it was great, great experience.

4 Out Of 5 Dentist Recommend Or "It's The Marketing Stupid"

From Professor of Astronomy: Back when I was a kid, a gum company ran a successful series of ads, claiming that 4 out of 5 dentists recommended their brand of gum. The concept is that dentists are smart, caring people who should know if it is safe for your teeth to chew gum. And I think that most of us would agree that dentists are indeed very intelligent and know a lot about teeth and gums. 4 Out Of 5 Denist Recommend It, Keep Reading HERE.

Okay so I went to the Glue Factory to take a look at the process of turning Dead Horses into Glue ;) This Climategate Scandal is like catnip for Nerds. Now we have Top Scientist Rally To the Defence of the Met Office. 1700 Scientist signed a letter stating they endorsed the Man Made Global Warming "Theory" even though the hacked emails from East Anglia, shows there was deceit in the reporting of the researched climate data.

The Times Online
December 10, 2009

The Met Office has embarked on an urgent exercise to bolster the reputation of climate-change science after the furor over stolen e-mails. More than 1,700 scientists have agreed to sign a statement defending the “professional integrity” of global warming research. They were responding to a round-robin request from the Met Office, which has spent four days collecting signatures. The initiative is a sign of how worried it is that e-mails stolen from the University of East Anglia are fueling skepticism about man-made global warming at a critical moment in talks on carbon emissions.

One scientist said that he felt under pressure to sign the circular or risk losing work. The Met Office admitted that many of the signatories did not work on climate change, Keep Reading HERE.

Hey know what this reminds me of? The 88 Duke Professors who signed the "AD" and placed it in The Chronicle. An "AD" That's called Marketing Folks.

Soon after the allegations were made, 88 Duke professors (referred to sometimes as the "Group of 88") from the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences placed an ad in The Chronicle referring to the circumstances surrounding the allegations as a "social disaster" and quoting primarily anonymous individuals citing racism and sexism in the Duke community. The advertisement concluded, "We're turning up the volume [...] To the students speaking individually and to the protestors making collective noise, thank you for not waiting and for making yourselves heard," and "These are the students shouting and whispering about what happened to this young woman."[17] Notable signatories included Miriam Cooke, Anne Allison, Cathy Davidson, Ariel Dorfman, Michael Hardt, Alice Kaplan, Claudia Koonz, Walter Mignolo, Mark Anthony Neal and Alex Rosenberg. The ad was spearheaded by faculty member Wahneema Lubiano.

In three departments, more than half of faculty signed the statement. The department with the highest proportion of signatories was African and African-American Studies, with 80%. Just over 72% of the Women's Studies faculty signed the statement, Cultural Anthropology 60%, Romance studies 44.8%, Literature 41.7%, English 32.2%, Art & Art History 30.7%, and History 25%. No faculty members from the Pratt School of Engineering or full-time law professors signed the document. Departments that had no faculty members sign the document include Biological Anthropology and Anatomy, Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Genetics, Germanic Languages/Literature, Psychology and Neuroscience, Religion, and Slavic and Eurasian Studies.

In January 2007, many months after the initial print of the ad, a new letter was posted at the Concerned Duke Faculty website signed by 87 faculty members stating that the original ad was misinterpreted.[18] The letter states that the intent of the original ad was to address issues of racism and sexism in the community and not to prejudge the case. Wikipedia Keep Reading HERE.

I think we all remember how that turned out - those academics apologized right/SNARK.

Here's another signed petition. From Minnesotans for Global Warming.

Using their own numbers, the warmmongers keep saying that there are 2,500 scientists who still believe in global warming. On the other hand 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying that they don't believe in global warming. So there may be a Consensus, just not the one you were told. If this were a toothpaste commercial there would be some kind of graphic saying "12 out of 13 scientists agree, global warming is a hoax!"

I don't know what the bureaucrats, and politicians, think their 1,700 scientist signatures on a petition accomplishes? If I had to guess what's going on with this tired marketing ploy, I have to wonder if some of them have been sniffing glue ;)

Imus's Guest This Morning Mary Matalin "Global Warming Is A Money Scam"

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I Fav Craig Crawford, Sarah Palin Third - Party Run

Craig Crawford's Trail Mix Post "Go For It Sarah" Craig Imus's guest this morning on Imus In The Morning. I Am A Trail Mixer, Craig Also Has A List Of His Favorites, And The Many Ways To Keep Up With Craig HERE. Click On The Graphic Above To Purchase Craig & Helen Thomas's Latest Book "Listen Up Mr President".

Craig was Imus's guest this morning on Fox Business News & 77WABC and affiliates all over the country.

Craig Crawford's Top 5 Favorite Songs "Wagon Wheel"

Helicopter Wrangling "Wild Mustangs" Relocation Policy

(AP Photo/Brad Horn) Sun Dec 6, 1:03 PM ET

US plan to round up wild horses draws opposition

In recent years, the government has rounded up and relocated wild horses to other lands in the West. Helicopters are used to drive the mustangs toward cowboys with lassos. The cowboys then put the horses onto trucks.

The latest proposed roundup, however, would take the horses outside the West altogether.

The California-based Defense of Animals strongly opposes roundups, arguing that the horses are an integral part of the ecosystem and that using helicopters can traumatize, injure or kill the animals.

The BLM spent about $50 million this year to feed, corral and otherwise manage the nation's wild horses, up from $36 million last year. Without contraception or other such measures, mustang herds can double in size about every four years, authorities say.

One of the most vocal wild-horse advocates is Grammy-winning singer Sheryl Crow, who has adopted a mustang herself and took her concerns directly to Salazar in a recent telephone call.

"One of the first things he said was something must be done because the horses are starving. We don't believe it," Crow said in an interview with The Associated Press. KEEP READING HERE or Click On Graphic Above.

Wild Mustangs In Danger HERE.

I Fav Kinky Friedman's "Utopia Animal Ranch Rescue" Has A Link To "Help Save The Wild Mustangs & Burros"

Kinky's running for Governor of Texas. Check out, Kinky Friedman for Governor 2010 HERE.

Wild horses couldn't drag me away
Wild, wild horses, we'll ride them some day....

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The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant The Unbeliever

I called the Glue Factory to come pick up that Dead Horse ;)

Let's check in with the Carbonhagen Summit.

The Totalities Of Copenhagen, Global warming and the psychology of true belief.
By Bret Stephens Wall Street Journal

The above article did point out some interesting similarities. True believers may not be Stalinist but they share a lot of Stalinist qualities.

For some reason what's going on right now (The Global Warmest Trying To Shut Down Any Dissent - It's Settled Science Ya'll) reminds me of a science fiction series, I read when I was younger. Stephen Reeder Donaldson's The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever.

Wikipedia Donaldson's most celebrated series is The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever, which centers on a cynical leper, shunned by society, who is destined to become the heroic savior of an alternate Earth. Covenant struggles against the tyrannical Lord Foul, who intends to break the physical universe in order to escape his bondage and wreak revenge upon his arch-enemy, The Creator.
Here is a reader companion for our Global Warmingmongers, Stephen R Donaldson Ate My Dictionary.

Hmm....A cynical leper shunned by society for not believing what he refuses to believe That's got to be science fiction.

Barnes & Noble, has the complete collection of Stephen R Donaldson's The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever.

What Happened To The Ice Age We Were Entering In 1975?

It's the terror of knowing
What this world is about
Watching some good friends
Screaming 'Let me out'

Monday, December 7, 2009

Hide The Decline "Climategate" Parody

Newsbusters "ClimateGate's Michael Mann Being Investigated By Penn State"

I promise, I will stop flogging this dead horse real soon ;) Something like Climategate is like Christmas come early for a nerd. Check out those Graphs...Hide the Decline, set to the music stylings of Tommy James, and the Shondells, Draggin The Line.

The New American
NASA Faces FOI Lawsuit Over Climate Data
by Rebecca Terrell
3 December 2009

Dinan reports Horner's prediction that "what is there is highly damaging. These guys are quite clearly bound and determined not to reveal their internal discussions about this." According to Dinan, NASA spokesman Mark Hess says the agency is collecting "responsive, relevant" information to answer Horner's requests. Hess could not explain why NASA has taken so long to provide the records. The FOI Act allows up to 30 days for agencies to respond.

Horner fears the same data tampering has occurred at NASA as that reported to have happened in "ClimateGate," a recent scandal involving hacked e-mails from the Climatic Research Unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia in England. The correspondence suggests researchers illegally concealed data requested through FOI laws in Britain, and CRU Director Phil Jones has temporarily stepped down during an independent investigation into the matter. Penn State University has launched its own inquiry into the ClimateGate role played by one of its professors, Michael Mann. The CRU data, just like NASA's information, is some of the most influential in environmental policy-making decisions on both domestic and international fronts. KEEP READING HERE.

You Can Check Out Christopher C Horner's Book "Red Hot Lies" at Barnes & Noble Online.

UPDATE: Michelle Malkin "Look What Newspapers Are Not Covering Climategate"

UPDATE: Daily Beast "A to Z Skeptic's Guide To Copenhagen" by Tunku Varadarajan

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Rep Thaddeus McCotter, Weighs In On Hopenhagen Summit

The Planets Gotta Fever - Only Hope N Change Can Cure. LOL! Please Pardon Me While I Beat A Dead Horse ;) Climategate, brought to you by the good people who brought you the Oil for Food Fraud.

Rep Thaddeus McCotter, appearing on Fox News Red Eye, weighs in on the hacked emails that resulted in "Climategate" Rep McCotter, what are these empirical facts you speak of?

Thaddeus McCotter: Greg imagine if you were in a peninsula around a 1,000 B.C. or so earlier, and your name is Tor, and you were out hunting mastodon. And you didn't notice the glaciers were melting around you, and leaving the devastating flooding in it's wake, that became the Great Lakes, and the state of Michigan. So I think that what we have to do is go back in history, and realize, the earth has been here for a long time. That to take selective periods of time, and say that man made global warming is occurring is absolutely wrong. We have to look at the different periods in history. We have to look at the different effects. Then we have to have direct empirical data to Correlate between man's activity, and the effects on the planet. And that has yet to be proven, and I highly doubt it is going to be anytime soon.

UPDATE: Sweetness & Light "UN: CRU Emails Won't Stop Shakedown"

UPDATE: Newsbusters "Climategate Professor Calls Global Warming Skeptic Asshole On Live TV"

UPDATE: American Thinker "Understanding Climategate's Hidden Decline"

UPDATE: "UN Climate Chief Hacked E-Mails Are Damaging" Spinning out of their control.

Unfortunate Medieval Global Warming Period
unfortunate medieval global warming

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Whiteout "Nature Never Intended You To Survive Here"

Rotten Tomatoes, Synopsis: Antarctica...

The most isolated landmass on Earth

90° S. latitude, zero E. longitude

Six million square miles of ice

Six months of darkness

Temperatures at minus-120 degrees

Winds at 100 miles per hour

Nature never intended you to survive here.

For U.S. Marshal Carrie Stetko, things are about to get even more dangerous. The only law enforcement in this unforgiving territory, she has just been sent to investigate a body on the ice. Antarctica's first homicide. A shocking discovery in itself, it will plunge her into an even more bizarre mystery and the revelation of secrets long-buried under the endless ice...secrets that someone believes are still worth killing for.

As Stetko races to find the killer before he finds her, winter is already closing in. In the deadly Antarctic whiteout, she won't see him till he's a breath away.

We're Headed Out To The Dollar Movie. Yes, I Would Pay A Buck To Watch Kate Beckinsale Freeze Her Ass Off.

Santa, E Book Readers & Imus Book Of The Week

The Imus Book Of The Week "Sweet Thunder".
Seal Hunter, Really Wanted One Of These E Readers For Christmas.
The Imus Ranch Foods Website, Christmas Sale or Click on Santa.

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TGIF Circus Life, Yes Virginia, There Is A Santa Claus

The atheist keep claiming there is no God - So no need for us to celebrate Christmas right? But look, we have hacked emails exposing the biggest hoax of the century Climategate. We have the superficial behavior of the current administration's Desiree Rogers, failed checking guest in at the White House. The party's over folks. And we have this now infamous cover of the President playing golf, while we suffer the worse unemployment numbers in 26 years. The cover of "Golf Digest" the biggest sport celebrity fall from grace " Tiger Woods" super imposed behind the President golfing. Tiger Woods giving the President tips. Wow Santa's helpers have really been busy.

Santa came early this year ;) Why do I, claim all of these things are presents? We - Americans are a superficial uninformed lot of people. We pay attention to the Glitz but ignore the Substance. The majority of Americans couldn't tell you the name of the Vice President of the United States. Of course they are all gifts. Climategates whole purpose is to put a surtax on human beings for existing - breathing. Crashergate - pointed out national security weaknesses at the White House. Besides the first family, they had visiting heads of state from India. Who wants an international incident at the White House? Tiger Woods, being used as a prop or the President of the United States, being used as a marketing gimmick for a Golf Magazine to sell copies? If that isn't lame and cheap, and now exposed for what it is, extreme superficiality. Does Golf Digest, think that all of the out of work Americans, want to be reading how the President is golfing with a "Golf Celebrity" while they are suffering? Will Americans go back to their core values and morals?

Who hacked the email accounts of the folks, who were perpetrating the global climate hoax? (Who Is An Expert On the Arctic?) Barbara Boxer, wants an investigation into email theft. I want to pin a medal on their chest. Were they Chinese hackers? Perhaps Russian hackers? Could we dare hope, they were American hackers? They're heroes to me. I suppose, I shouldn't be surprised that the same people who perpetrate hoaxes, like man made global warming are also anti Santa Claus. The Grinch-es, who keep trying to steal our money (Cap & Trade) and ruin our holiday traditions.

Marines Toys For Tots HERE & The Salvation Army HERE.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Afghanistan "America Gets Ready To Ante Up"

UPDATE: Good To See Someone Is Focusing On Purpose Of Afghanistan Mission.

Neil Cavuto's guest on "Your World" Lawrence Eagleburger. Mr Eagleburger Quote: Afghanistan isn't a country it's a collection of tribes. Mr Eagleburger, in so many words said, that success depends on the mission. If the troop build up is to hunt the "bad actors" one could see some success in that endeavor. On the other hand if the troop build up is to create stability in the region, it couldn't be accomplished if we doubled the amount of our troops, and our allies troops. That would be around 400 - 500 thousand troops in Afghanistan, and that couldn't accomplish that feat, I agree. Imus was discussing the very same topic with his guest this morning Carl Jeffers. Imus tells Carl Jeffers, he believes it would take 500,000.00 troops to fix Afghanistan.

Imus in the Morning
- Fox Business News

Craig Crawford another I Fav, has an opinion on the troop build up "Obama's Afghan Folly" I am leaning toward the Craig Crawford opinion, on the Afghan troop build up. I don't think the Afghan War should be politicized. If the mission is to defeat the enemy, I am "All In" but if we are going in to Nation Build, I think it's a waste of American's lives. How much of our Blood do we sacrifice to defeat the masterminds of the 9/11 slaughter?

Afghanistan "Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here"

Friday, November 27, 2009

TGIF Circus Life "Black Friday"

The photo above is Bombshell Mandy, (There's a gift that keeps on giving;) you can see more pinups VWvortex Forums: Pin Ups HERE or click on the graphic above.

Today is the day after Thanksgiving commonly referred to as "Black Friday" the reason it's called Black Friday is because retailers make up for all the red ink they have accrued through out the year. Our government hopes we will all be out shopping till we drop. The marketers have done their best to train us just like Pavlov's Dog.

Our economy is based on 2/3 consumerism. Am I the only one, that thinks basing a huge economy on people buying crap is a really bad idea "Chinese Crap At That"? Something has got to give, when do we get back to our core values and morals, the reason for the season?

UPDATE: Hat Tip #PT "
Bart Falcone"

When doing your holiday cards, take one and send it to this address: A Recovering American Soldier c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center 6900 Georgia Avenue NW; Washington, D.C. 20307. If we pass this on, think of how many cards these wonderful special people would get. Pass This On.

So This Is Christmas.......

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The Obama Administration "Don't Know Much About History"

The Nanking Nightmare,
By Richard Schickel Friday, Jan.04,2008. Time Magazine.

In the early winter of 1937, Japanese troops, having conquered Shanghai, moved on to envelop Nanking, then the capital of China. After a furious aerial bombardment, they entered the city virtually without opposition. By this time most of its wealthier residents had fled, leaving the city to the poor and to the remnants of the Chinese army. There followed what is probably the most horrific single occurrence in the history of modern warfare, the "rape of Nanking," as it quickly came to be known. Over the course of the next few months the Japanese army essentially became an ungovernable mob, and before some semblance of order was restored, an estimated 200,000 Chinese were killed and 20,000 women were brutally raped.
My father fought in the Pacific during WWII, my husband is of Korean descent, his paternal grandparents, were both immigrants from Korea (I am very aware of the Japanese occupation of Korea.) I read this: President's response, to those who were outraged over his deep BOW to the emperor of Japan SEE Figure Head. #Hat Tip Allahpundit, HOT AIR, The President is "Speechless" over uproar about him bowing to elderly man. What this present U.S. administration, doesn't know about Geography, World & American History is Stunning. The idea that his posture toward the emperor of Japan, would be viewed as him showing respect to an elderly man, is showing stunning ignorance, on the world stage. Besides the countless veterans in America, and our WWII allies, who fought the Japanese during WWII, and their families and friends, who were insulted. Who did the current President of the U.S. think he was honoring with his posture? The Chinese? The Koreans? I'm not objective, given my father and my husband's military service. I am insulted by this posture of an American, holding the public office of President of the United States, exhibiting what appears to be a thoughtless act, that he didn't really give much thought to. Great, we have someone on the world stage representing us, that doesn't understand "International" relations and protocol.

Douglas Brinkley responds to James Bradley's assertion, that President Theodore Roosevelt, was responsible for encouraging Japanese expansionism.

Fox Business Network, Imus In The Morning, James Bradley responds to Dr Douglas Brinkley's critique of his book "The Imperial Cruise".

Those Who Don't Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat History"

Monday, November 16, 2009

Imus In The Morning's Tom Bowman "Bigfootin"

Big Foot Java is offering coupons, good till 30 November 2009, good for their Puyallup store. This month buy one 16oz Mocha or Latte and get a second one FREE at BigFoot Java Café Puyallup.

Far Out Shirts HERE or click on the Graphic above. You Can also buy "Save Bigfoot" T - Shirts HERE at

Tom Bowman
, Imus' old producer at MSNBC, jumped to Fox Business with him, and is said to have harsh feelings toward Scarborough and his executive producer, Chris Licht. "So they [Imus and Bowman] are out to win," said our source.

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Take This Tune "Sweet Jane" Cowboy Junkies

Take This Tune "Sweet Baby James" or click on the graphic above.

"Sweet Jane"

Anyone who's ever had a heart
Wouldn't turn around and break it And anyone who's ever played a part Wouldn't turn around and hate it Sweet Jane, sweet Jane Sweet, sweet Jane You're waiting For Jimmy down in the alley Waiting there For him to come back home Waiting down on the corner And thinking of ways To get back home Sweet Jane, sweet Jane Sweet, sweet Jane Anyone who's ever had a dream Anyone who's ever played a part Anyone who's ever been lonely And anyone who's ever split apart Sweet Jane, sweet Jane Sweet, sweet Jane Heavenly widened roses Seem to whisper to me When you smile Heavenly widened roses Seem to whisper to me When you smile La la la la, la la la, Sweet Jane Sweet, sweet Jane

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ft Hood Massacre, 13 Charges of Murder "What About Baby Velez"

The Military's Motto: No Man Left Behind - There is an unborn baby of a Slain American Army Iraq Veteran, Not Being Counted. 12 soldiers 1 civilian, and the unborn child of a Slain Army Veteran. I can do math that's 14 murdered. Is this how we honor American Military Veterans?

Pvt. Francheska Velez
Velez, 21, of Chicago, was pregnant and preparing to return home. A friend of Velez’s, Sasha Ramos, described her as a fun-loving person who wrote poetry and loved dancing.

“She was like my sister,” Ramos, 21, said. “She was the most fun and happy person you could know. She never did anything wrong to anybody.”

Family members said Velez had recently returned from deployment in Iraq and had sought a lifelong career in the Army.

“She was a very happy girl and sweet,” said her father, Juan Guillermo Velez, his eyes red from crying. “She had the spirit of a child.”

Ramos, who also served briefly in the military, couldn’t reconcile that her friend was killed in this country just after leaving a war zone.

“It makes it a lot harder,” she said. “This is not something a soldier expects — to have someone in our uniform go start shooting at us.” Kalamazoo Michigan News, Keep Reading HERE

Fort Hood jihadist charged with murder. One charge missing.
By Michelle Malkin • November 12, 2009 01:54 PM

I didn't want to blog about this incident but outside of Michelle Malkin, I haven't read where anyone is standing up or speaking up for Baby Velez. 14 not 13, I watched the news today, there was no mention when reporting on the 13 charges of murder of the unborn child of Iraq Army Veteran Francheska Velez's baby. Who will speak up for a life not counted?

The Federal Law:
The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States law which recognizes a "child in utero" as a legal victim, if he or she is injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence. The law defines "child in utero" as "a member of the species Homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb."[2]

The law is codified in two sections of the United States Code: Title 18, Chapter 1 (Crimes), §1841 (18 USC 1841) and Title 10, Chapter 22 (Uniform Code of Military Justice) §919a (Article 119a).

States government has jurisdiction, including certain crimes committed on Federal properties, against certain Federal officials and employees, and by members of the military. In addition, it covers certain crimes that are defined by statute as federal offenses wherever they occur, no matter who commits them, such as certain crimes of terrorism.

More Speaking Up For 14th Victim of Ft Hood Massacre.

Unborn Child Was Fort Hood Shooting's 14th Victim, Obama should prosecute.


Until One American DJ States:

"I Don't Give A Hootenanny About Your Limey Laws"

"I Intend To Broadcast From This Ship Until The Day I Die, And Than For A Couple Of Days After That"

They Saved Rock N Roll.

Philip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Rhys Ifans, Nick Frost, Kenneth Branagh
I Do Love Radio, I Will Be Seeing This Movie.

Official Imus In The Morning Website HERE.

77WABC News Talk Radio HERE.

96.9 WTKK The Talk Evolution HERE.

KCAA Radio 1050 AM The Little Radio Station That Could HERE.

Meanwhile Back In The Mountains "Grizzly Country"

Check Out Monte Dolack Art Gallery Online HERE.

The Grizzlies did end up winning. Montana Grizzlies vs Weber State Wildcats game
31- 10

The Missoulian Online HERE.

The Grizzlies are currently 9-0

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Veterans Day - The Pacific WWII Memorial

Daddy, severed in the Pacific during WWII. He would be hit with shrapnel, and suffer from malaria. He was on the beach when Douglas MacArthur was evacuating the Philippines. He had a lump on his forehead that turned out to be shrapnel it worked it's way out when he was in his 50s a doctor removed it.

My sister's recollection of our father's service.

The dimple in the middle of Daddy's chin is supposedly where he got hit by shrapnel--sometimes I thought he was joking with us, but I don't know. Uncle Mike would know this. Daddy was stationed in the Philippines, near Manila. I don't remember the plane at all. He did contract malaria and got sick every year for years after that at that same time, losing weight and looking generally under the weather big time. Malaria must recur yearly until it finally gets out of your system. I do recall that he hated MacArthur and remembers soldiers carrying MacArthur's house furniture onto the beach to be loaded for the ship--this was when they needed to evacuate and Daddy was outraged that furniture was even a consideration.
I do recall a story of using coconuts buried in the sand that the troops had somehow prepared and then the warm temperatures would cause the coconut milk to ferment and they had alcohol. Voila, instant party.
It is my memory that the picture of Dad with the Japanese prisoner is one he captured. It was not his job to guard troops, but he was in the infantry. Basically, Daddy was on a patrol which was spread out, maybe clearing an area, and this young Japanese soldier jumped up or he somehow came upon him and it was a big surprise for both and they were both scared shitless. Perhaps the young Japanese had no gun, but he raised his hands and Daddy took him back to base, where his buddies took the picture. We should check with Uncle Mike about this again.

All of my father's siblings but one, served during WWII, one of his elder sisters a Nurse an Army Lieutenant - she was married to an Army Officer Lt Col Charles Lawrence "Uncle Peanut" Uncle Charles was from Birmingham, Alabama, and he loved boiled peanuts. Uncle Charles was a chemist, and my Aunt his wife was the first company nurse for E.I. DuPont De NeMours company. My grandfather had been killed in an infamous explosion at DuPont. Most of our family worked for the company, later a street would be named in Dupont for our family for being one of the early DuPont families. I am the daughter, grand daughter, wife, aunt, niece, COUSIN, sister in law, daughter in law of American Military Service Veterans. God Bless them all, and ALL those who serve along side them.

MacArthur - I Shall Return

Monday, November 9, 2009

Monday, November 2, 2009

Selling The Drama, Who Is Competing For Your Attention?

fox news jack o lantern Pictures, Images and Photos
TV Newser, Marty Davis -Chickaboomer, Spud - Inside Cable News,

Fox Business News Channel, Imus In The Morning, 6:00 A.M To 9:00 A.M. Eastern. The Best Of Imus On Fox Business News On The Weekend Saturday 9:00 A.M. Eastern, And Sunday 7:00 A.M Eastern.

The Official Imus In The Morning Website.

Check Out Rob Bartlett's Blog, Rob list everyone's top 5 book choices.
Charles McCord's Picks. Oddly enough he doesn't list anything by Dr Jack Kevorkian GRIN.

  • The Bible - God (with Various Authors)
  • The Book of Virtues - William J. Bennett
  • Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln - Doris Kearns Goodwin
  • The Elements of Style - William Strunk and E.B. White
  • Mein Kampf - Adolph Hitler
Picking only 5 books, that is really a difficult choice for me. Off the top of my head, I would have to pick "Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas" by Hunter Thompson. A classic pick "Last Of The Mohicans" by James Fenimore Cooper.

James Fenimore Cooper, was taking artistic licenses with that title, the Mohican Indians didn't get wiped out. They are called the Stockbridge Winnebago Tribe.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to Pakistanis "You Must Not Have Heard About Me"

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, "I am more than willing to hear every complaint about the United States," Clinton said, ""but this is a two way street.

I believe her, not only is she more than willing to hear every complaint about the United States. She is willing for us to take responsibility for every thing that goes wrong around the world, including Pakistan.

I was heartened to read this,

Clinton puzzled at Pakistan failure to find al Qaeda

LAHORE, Pakistan (Reuters)

U.S. Secretary of
State Hillary Clinton's said on Thursday it was "hard to believe" that no one in Pakistan's government knew where al Qaeda leaders were hiding, striking a new tone on a trip where Washington's credibility has come under attack. (Pakistanis be happy, she didn't say, It would require a willing suspension of disbelief.)

Scores of al Qaeda leaders and their operatives, including Osama bin Laden, are believed to be in hiding in the rugged border territory that divides Pakistan and Afghanistan, but both countries routinely accuse the other of being the main sanctuary

"I find it hard to believe that nobody in your government knows where they are and couldn't get them if they really wanted to," she told a group of newspaper editors during a meeting in Lahore. Keep Reading HERE.

How much money - aid in dollars has the U.S. given to Pakistan? It's almost like it's to their advantage to have a terrorism problem so we keep pouring money into their 3rd world excuse for a country. If I was a skeptical person, I might even think they are using the Taliban, and Al Qeada as a cottage industry, there seems to be a big payoff for the the Pakistani Government $$$$.....Pakistan, we need more money to fight the threat but not enough to eradicate the threat because then the Americans will leave, and take their money with them. Corruption and Fraud is big in that part of the world, a way of life in fact, and it has been that way even before the United States of America existed.

Secretary of State Mrs Clinton, put it as straight and bluntly as she could to the Pakistanis, Don't play me, you don't know about me, and that's the fact jack. Time to take the gloves off Hill, I don't care if you apologize afterward just show them we expect more bang for our bucks.

U.S. Condemned For Pre-Emptive Use Of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan