Thursday, January 15, 2009

Americans, Higher Maintenance Then Obama is Used To? Monica Crowley

Monica Crowley
, points out some problems with the Barack H Obama transition.

If you have been watching the news, you would be lead to believe, that all that is missing in this magical time is unicorns. I myself have pointed out that Barack H Obama is "The Master of Lowered Expectations" that might work on a Third World Country or say Canada. The citizens of the United States, we are a little more High Maintenance.

Monica Crowley writes about the problems with the Obama transition.

The Worst Transition in The World

The lamestream media has been busy tripping over itself to tout the virtual perfection of The Bama. Barack can do no wrong! He's got mystical qualities that transcend humanity! His choices are inspired! His judgment, pure and impeccable!

Now, to the reality.

This guy has been presiding over what possibly could be the worst transition ever.

Consider his Cabinet selections:

For Secretary of State: Hillary Clinton. Girlfriend has more baggage than a transatlantic voyage, starting with her Better Half. She's bringing all of her conflicts of interests (and Bubba's) into a job working for a guy she thought---just 7 months ago---wasn't ready for primetime. She's also going along with a guy who opposed a war she supported. $60 million from the Middle East? Dubai? Saudi Arabia? Kuwait? India? The Kazakh thugs? Rose Law Firm files? Whitewater? Chinese campaign contributions? Nationalizing health care? Lewinsky? Impeachment? Pilfering White House furniture? Removing the "W's" from the computer keyboards? Anyone? Anyone?

For CIA: Leon Panetta. He's a political hack who knows nothing about intelligence .........

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