Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Basic G.I. Diet, Cheesecake

For The Boys Pinups of WWII
The American Fighting Male, brought
his inspiration with him into the Fight.
The British Military Servicemen, made this observation about their American counter part during WWII. The problem with the Yanks, They're overpaid, oversexed and over here.
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Fighting Nazis and breaking hearts. The American Fighting Male, he knows how to get down. Turns out that we are not living in the most sexually permissive times.

The Times

Good-time girls threatened morals, morale and international relations, the National Archive reveals

THE “moral laxity” of women during the Second World War was perceived to be so degenerate that it strained relations between Britain and America.

Ministers and their officials were so worried about the impact of promiscuity on public opinion in the United States that a series of high-level Whitehall meetings was held to devise ways of cracking down on immorality.

The rift between Britain and its US ally came as thousands of American troops began to be stationed in or near London in 1942, documents released today at the National Archive in Kew, southwest London, reveal.

While the popular impression of the influx of GIs was of an alluring group of men who were “overpaid, over-sexed and over here”, it transpires that they were not the sexual predators worrying Whitehall. Rather, the US troops proved to be irresistible to many British women, often living alone because of the war, and who in bleak wartime Britain were only too glad to grab the chance of some fun.

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