Thursday, January 15, 2009

Brian Williams, Tells Imus He Was Hit With Somekind of Stick....Brian Williams - Big Tease

Brian Williams, this mornings
guest on Imus In The Morning.

Brian Williams shares, baby it's cold outside,
and Brian admits to taking a beating by God.
Well he does look shorter in this photo to the left.

Imus, makes an observation about
President Elect Barack H Obama. Imus
suggest that he has a heart, and the
general location it might be located. I
would want a second opinion, it could
just be ajada. Imus is impressed that
the American People, would elect a man named Barry O'Bama. Isn't it time for a President of Irish descent? I mean besides all the others, Kennedy, Reagan to mention two. You can read about Barry O'Bama's Irish roots here.

You can listen to Imus In The Morning, Brian Williams Interview Here
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