Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bulldoggers & The Bulldog A Cowboy Dog

This is Hooch, He is about
three years old. He is an American
Bulldog. This an Old Breed of Dog.

A Little History,

Historical Bulldog information tells of British tribes people, including the Celts, breeding the dog for their own purposes. The Celtic tribes bred the dog so that it could accompany them on their wild boar and wild cattle hunts. The Celtic and British tribes trained the dog to participate in war and the dogs had skill at bringing a horseman down. The Romans called these dogs by the name Pugnace Britannicii or Canis Pugnax. A later name used for the dog was the Broad Mouthed Dogs of Briton.

The Pugnace would grab a horse by the nose and by clinging on the horse would buck its rider off in an attempt to dislodge the dog. This canine maneuver was a surprise to the Romans when they first invaded the British homelands. The Romans prized the dog’s ferocious nature and put it in the arena as a combatant. Since this time, the dog’s ferocity has been bred out so that what remains is a good natured and an even comical companion. Keep Reading Here

The Bulldog, belongs in what they call a working class dog classification. People who have Bulldogs for companions are called Bulldoggers.

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