Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cheesecake "The Gibson Girls" An Old Time Recipe

Camilla Antoinette Clifford 29 June 1885 -28 June 1971 GIBSON GIRL HERE

Survival radio

An RAAF survival radio transmitter carried by World War II aircraft on over-water operations was named the 'Gibson Girl' because of its 'hour-glass' shape. It included a fold-up/down metal frame box kite for which the flying line was an aerial wire. A hand-crank generator provided power for the distress radio signal. When the user was seated in an inflatable life boat, the 'Gibson Girl' shape of the radio allowed it to be held stationary, between the legs and above the knees, while the generator handle was turned. The distress signal, in Morse code, was produced automatically as the handle was turned.

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