Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Craig Crawford, I Fav, Seven Days In, Are We Done Yet?

Craig Crawford, I Fav, comments on the first Seven Days of the Obama Administration. Craig, comments on the swearing in ceremony, having to be administered twice. Craig makes the point it's been "Seven Days" is everything fixed yet? He compares to the "First Hundred Days" of Roosevelt Administration. Highlights of first Seven Days, tossing missiles into Pakistan, trying to close Gitmo, picking a fight with Rush Limbaugh. Imus and Craig discuss Glen Beck, they are not alone. I am thinking there should be a Glen Beck watch started. Imus: Any moment he could take everyone in the room hostage...will see.

You Can Listen To Craig Crawford Interview Imus In The Morning Here.

Craig Crawford's Trail Mix Blog Here

Check Out The Official Imus Website Here
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