Sunday, January 11, 2009

Crime Doesn't Pay, Somali Priates Drown After Collecting Ransom UPDATE

You may be able to
out run the Navy
but you can't out run

SIX Somali pirates who hijacked a Saudi supertanker drowned with their share of the ransom when their boat capsized as it left the vessel, their leader said yesterday.

Four others were missing with their share of the $3m payoff, which been parachuted on to the tanker on Friday, Mohamed Said said by phone from the port of Harardhere.

“The small boat that was carrying those killed and eight who survived was overloaded . . . they were afraid of a chase from outsiders [foreign navies of the combined maritime forces],” he said.

Mohamud Aden, a resident of the port off which the tanker had been anchored watched by the warships, said: “The capsize was an accident. The pirates were full of joy and partially frightened by the presence of foreign war machines and were speeding. That was a tragedy for the pirates.”

Times Online Somali Pirates
Drown after collecting Ransom. 11 January 2009
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Body of Somali Pirate washes ashore with 153,000.00 continue reading: Military Times HERE
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