Friday, January 9, 2009

Free Falling, President George Herbert Walker Bush, Guest Imus in the Morning

Imus in the Morning.

Former President George H W Bush, was discussing the launch of the U.S.Navy Nuclear aircraft carrier George H W Bush. Imus asked him if it was true, that he was planning on skydiving on his up coming 85th birthday. President George H W Bush, replied, YES. I think the former President is an adrenaline junkie. Mr President if you really want a rush on your next birthday, I suggest you check out these Folks. And while you're visiting, what we endearingly refer to as "God's Country" please stop in and visit the locals HERE. If you need directions just ask your ole buddy, former President Bill Clinton he knows his way around The Mo Club.

Imus In The Morning program, played a pictorial tribute to President George H W Bush, commemorating his Military Service, and played this music which is one of my all time favorites. Jamey Johnson's In Color.

You Can Listen to The Interview with President George Herbert Walker Bush HERE.

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