Friday, January 30, 2009

Glen Beck Confides To Imus, I Can't Ever Deliver The Mail

Glen Beck, Imus's guest this morning on Imus in the Morning, discusses Proctology and the Economy. Imus probes Glen's memories of his butt surgery. Beck must have experienced deja vu regarding his health care nightmare this morning. Beck asks, do we have to dwell on my butt Don? Hello my name is Glen and I had butt surgery. Imus tells Beck, there is one more thing we need to bitch with you about....Imus the emperor of promotion can't take Beck's tease of the 2nd part of Governor Rod Blagojevich interview. Beck promoted the interview over two days. Glen Beck confides, I can't ever work for the U.S. Mail, I could go Postal.

You can listen to Glen Back interview this morning on, Imus In The Morning Here

You can check out Glen Beck's websites Here and Here.

You can Stream Imus Live Online Here on the Official Imus Website.
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