Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hank William Jr., Montana Transplant, Sums Up Presidential Transition

President George W Bush is Leaving Office, and President Elect Barack Obama is being Inaugurated January 20th. I have been reading, and watching a lot of commentary on both Events.
The MSM has a short attention span. This is Time Magazine 12 Sept 2001 Day of Infamy Have a look at Swampland posted Jan 16th Caption Contest. I want to Thank President George W Bush, for keeping my family and myself safe. I want President Barack Obama to understand one thing, keeping Osama Bin Laden trapped in a cave is Not Good Enough. Hank Williams Jr., sums up how I feel about The Bush Administration, and the incoming Obama Administration. I survived one, I can survive the other. This is a Tribute to George W Bush Here. Here is one to incoming President Elect Barack H Obama.

On an Imus related note, the idea of Imus In The Morning, going to RFD TV, was to tie Rural, and Urban America together.

UpDate: How Is this Helpful to "American Unity"
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Hank Williams Jr., "A Country Boy Can Survive"

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