Thursday, January 29, 2009

I Fav Lou Dobbs, Fellow Americans,The Sky Still Isn't Falling

Lou Dobbs wikipedia page. Lou Dobbs wife is Debi Lee (Segura) Dobbs, who apparently is a strong proponent of the 2nd Amendment. The I Man likes to refer to Mrs Dobbs as Annie Oakley. Mrs Dobbs had a brush with Airport Security.

Lou Dobbs, comments on the Stimulus Package, that just passed the House with no support from the House Republicans. Lou Dobbs this isn't going to work, following the same silly fear mongering rhetoric that his predecessor followed. I hope Mr Obama, will change direction and soon.
You can listen to Lou Dobbs Interview this Morning on Imus In The Morning Here.
I would also like to dedicate the Video Below "Pistol Packin Mama" to Debbie Dobbs.

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