Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Julie Kafner & I Fav, Col Jack Jacob This Morning's Guest

I was listening to Imus in The Morning, and Col Jack Jacobs. He has some good advice for our new President.

Julie Kafner,

Col. Jack Jacobs Gives Advice to The President: "Shut up about it!"

Jack H. Jacobs Col. Jack Jacobs, member of the Imus in the Morning power guest rotation, stopped by this morning to show how versatile he is by engaging the I-man on a number of complicated topics: the economy, foreign policy, and the intelligence community.

Jacobs, a Medal of Honor recipient for his service during the Vietnam War, approves of President Barack Obama's plan to talk directly with Iran and other hostile nations.

"You can't use only the military instrument of power-it's not going to work," he said. "It works especially well when it's used with the economic instrument, and the diplomatic instrument, when it's part of a complete program to influence other people."

Yet Jacobs had some advice for our President: Shut up about it!

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