Sunday, January 18, 2009

Karith Foster, Imus In The Morning - That's Mat With One T

This is Lealah, Karith Foster's
new puppy. When I first looked at this photo, I thought I was looking at a postage stamp. Lealah was a gift from Karith's main squeeze Mat, that is Mat with one T. There are a few Mat(t)s in Karith's World.

Try and keep up. I think, I know what was going through Mat's mind, when he first laid eye's on this dog. "Protection" yes I can imagine him looking at this Chihuahua, and thinking this animal is going to need protection. I'm going to get him some, I'll give him to Karith. I don't know how big this dog can get? I have heard they measure Chihuahuas in classifications, of Teacup, Toy, Standard, and Oh My God hold still, there is a Rat in your purse. I know they measure Horses in Hands. If I were to attempt, to measure one of these dogs. I would probably use the quarter or half loaf standard as in bread, how high does it stack up to a loaf? I really think Karith, should have named this one "home slice" The poor thing has been ill. I would suggest a sweater but maybe a parka is a better idea. Karith, is already attached to her sack lunch er...I mean Lealah, you can read about them here on Karith's Blog Imus In The Morning Website.
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