Friday, January 23, 2009

Karith Foster & Mat with ( 1 ) T, Animal Husbandry Gone Very Wrong

I was listening to Imus describe Karith & Mat's newest addition to their household this morning......a Python. Remember Mat just gifted Karith with a "Chihuahua" named Lealah. This can't end well, this is shaping up into a bad episode of Animal Planet. I have often made the comment, that life is like a Bad B Horror Movie. Check the caption on the Poster "Created by Nature....Redesigned by Man" Is this Life imitating Art?

Tony Powell, appears to be worried about the Python, well he is familiar with Karith's domestic situation.

It just occurred to me if this Python is from West Africa originally, that means there were Snakes On A Plane.
Well there you go, this proves my point "Life is like a Bad B Movie, and it BITES"

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