Thursday, January 22, 2009

Paul Begala & Men In Tights

Paul Begala, Imus' guest this morning on Imus in the Morning. Paul Begala tells Imus, that James Carville & Rahm Israel Emanuel, are his Very Best Friends. Rahm Israel Emanuel, President Barack Obama's White House Chief of Staff. President Barack H Obama, has stated he wants Redistribution - SEE Robin Hood. I have read and heard in the MSM that President Obama, draws on President Lincoln, for his inspiration. I think there is an older historical figure our new President, is drawing on for inspiration, the original "Redistributer" Robin Hood. Robin Hood took from the Rich, and gave to the Poor. I know the Mainstream Media is using the Lincoln narrative to describe the New President's theme for his Presidency. I think this one is closer. For example, we have Rahm Israel Emanuel...Israel? The Holy Land - The Crusades? Rahm Israel Emanuel, previous career in Ballet. Robin Hood the Ballet actually ran into problems because of Grand Theft.....I know you can't make this stuff up. Rahm Israel Emanuel, the Enforcer for President Obama's Policies of Redistrbution. So when you look at this photo, ask yourself is the Obama Administration, going to be like a cast from a Mel Brooks' Movie? Which part is Paul Begala going to play?

You Can Listen To Paul Begala Interview This Morning, On Imus In The Morning Here.
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