Friday, January 16, 2009


The unit is also being used in the effort to hunt terrorists along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan by training regional border guards in Native American ancestral sign-reading methods Wikipedia

With the reemergence of Osama bin Laden, in the News lately, It reminded me of these Americans tasked to track him. Made up of these American Indian Tribes. Tohono O'odham, Navajo, Sioux, Lakota, Yurok, Blackfeet, Omaha, and Yaqui

This article is from 2007,
US Defense Secretary Robert M.Gates said last month: "If I were Osama bin Laden, I'd keep looking over my shoulder." keep reading here American Indian Trackers Join Osama Hunt

From the Smithsonian article Shadow Wolves

We don't' hear much about them in the news but they are working under some harsh conditions, keeping their fellow countrymen safe. They do make a huge difference, when you hear people complain about our lack of border security (Me Included) remember these are the folks on the front line, where the rubber meets the road. Read more about The Shadow Wolves Here.

Imus In The Morning, Bin Laden the Musical Rob Bartlett Here

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