Thursday, January 29, 2009

Tokyo Prepares To Fight Somali Pirates, German Tanker Hijacked

Tokyo Prepares to Fight Somali Pirates, read more here Meanwhile the Pirates have hijacked a German Gas Tanker read more here. Meanwhile many want to get to the root of the Somalia Culture, that produces Pirate behavior. One trend noted is the use of the drug Khat. Chewing Khat is very common in Somalia. This is an impediment for Somalis settling in the U.S.A. keep reading here. Lou Dobbs mentioned this morning on Imus In the Morning, there are two countries that are on our Government's watch list that might collapse or fail. One country is Mexico, which has become a Narco State, the other country Pakistan, which has nuclear weapons. Pakistan has a problem with the ousted Taliban from Afghanistan. The Taliban is funded by the poppy crop in Afghanistan. More often then not the Mainstream Media does not report on the connection between Drug Trafficking and Terrorist. I don't see any daylight between the two. Lou Dobbs commented to Imus, this morning of course we will bail out Mexico, this is our National Security. Lou Dobbs, who has been beating the drum for Port and Border Security, for some time now. Read my previous post on Lou Dobbs, Guest On Imus In The Morning here.
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