Tuesday, January 20, 2009

UpDate: Now Obama is Scottish!

Does this mean the new President, would be comfortable wearing a man skirt? I don't know we will have to see how this one plays out. I was reading another account of The New President's Genealogy, Here Digital Journal, you can also find Digital Journal, in my Blog Roll. Turns out Mr Obama, goes back to William 1 of Scotland you can read about him here.

This photo above are the Kilt Guys, that is a Scottish and Irish Kilt. They can be found here. Does this mean we are going to be seeing a Change in Men's Fashion? I'm not sure what I'm Hoping the outcome of this newest Obama revelation will bring.

Mr. Obama as Dr Douglas Brinkley stated today, on Imus in the Morning, is an "International President" You Can listen to Dr Douglas Brinkley -Historian, discussing the Inaugration of our Global President this morning on Imus in the Morning Here.
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