Wednesday, February 25, 2009

An Affair to Remember "Fidelity Test"

Here is an update to yesterday's story. The Fidelity test was done this morning around 7:40am. They called Michael "Cheating Fiance" and told him that they were from his bank. They stated all purchases he had made in the last 60 days put him in a drawing to win a free 2 day stay at a hotel. He asked all the pertinent questions ex: "do I have to give out any personal info" The radio station DJ "Janet" was smooth she told him that a letter would be sent to him, and there would be a number to call and verify. All she needed was to put him down, and any other person that was going to be staying at the hotel with him. Rachel "the fiance being cheated on" was listening in the background as this conversation was going on. Michael, said "Put Pam (last name bleeped out) on the list. At this point Rachel chimes in "You Son of a Bitch" He continued to lie to her until he found out he was on the radio, where he proceeded to hang up on them. Here is my question though: Why is no one speaking to Pam about any of this? Seems to me she is just as much of a skank as Michael is. Click to hear The Fidelity test podcast.

Third day into this....UPDATE: on what happened with Rachel and Michael here is the podcast (CLICK HERE) She's changing the locks!
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