Tuesday, February 24, 2009

An Affair To Remember, Heartache In The Heartland

A funny thing happened when I was driving my son to school this morning "Everything is funny as long as it is happening to somebody else ~ Will Rogers" I was listening to KJ103. FM, The TJ, Janet & JROD, in the morning show, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. TJ, was relaying a driving experience of his own, that happened yesterday when he was dropping his mother off at the Airport. TJ was watching the flow of people being dropped off and picked up. He noticed another car pulling up in front of him, a man being dropped off by a woman, he thought she was probably his wife in some kind of Red SUV, they both got out, and embrace then they said their good byes. The man goes into the Airport, the SUV drives off. BUT then a few minutes later, the man comes back out and a different car pulls up, and he gives the woman inside the car a hug, and then they drive off. This account in itself wasn't the biggest surprise, it is the call TJ, gets next, in response to his On Air account of "An Affair to Remember" Caller You're on the Air. People please Dee Jays don't wreck romances, short term parking ruins romances GRIN. At least the caller is driving a domestic a Ford Explorer so Detroit that's #1. Tomorrow The Fidelity Test. Dee Jays trolling for Cheaters, looks like TJ is getting more then a nibble. Listen to Heartache in the Heartland Here. Hey TJ how about you do a follow up, and find out if the Guy has a wide stance. This is after all an Airport related romance.

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