Sunday, February 8, 2009

B & I The Circus Store, Ivan the Gorilla "Circus Life"

When I was a child, my Dad would take me to B & I the Circus Store. This Store was opened in 1946, it is an iconic part of South Tacoma Way. B & I even has a my space page Here. The owner wanted to get a photo of then President Eisenhower, driving by the store in his motorcade. It never happened so the owner Mr Irwin, had a photograph of how it might have happened taken 10-19-1956. I remember shopping for shoes, and my Dad buying me popcorn like we were at the circus. The B & I not your typical Big Box Store - The theme of the store was the Circus. I can only imagine how many memories were made at the B & I.

There was a famous resident of this Circus Store. A Gorilla named Ivan, yes I remember Ivan. Did I understand even when I was young Ivan's captivity, and the reason for his captivity a draw for curiosity seekers? My memory of Ivan was that of a Gorilla kept in vicinity of humans with in our reach sometimes. Ivan didn't look happy - he didn't look unhappy. Probably if I could describe what I witnessed as a child, and it is colored by my knowledge as an Adult, I would say he looked bored. I am among the many that were happy that Ivan was transferred to a Zoo in Atlanta. Ivan has been painting, and some of his Art Work is on display. You can read more about Ivan's life Here and an older article Here.

I would like to see Ivan again someday. Do I like the idea Ivan is in a Zoo? I understand his reality, he was meant to be in the Wild but that can't happen at least now he has other Gorillas, and not just us for Company. He took up painting, what an interesting enduring spirit this famous Silverback displays. Here is a link to Ivan on you tube, I guess this is what happens once you get the circus life in your blood....
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