Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bill White President of Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund

Imus's guest this morning Bill White President of The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund.

New facility will focus on traumatic brain injuries.

So far 51 million dollars has been raised for the new center, they need 65 million dollars. The new center will be a state of the art rehabilitation center for military service people suffering from post traumatic brain injuries.

This morning Imus was speaking to Bill White about taking care of our Military Service People, returning Veterans. Some Vets, have been wounded, during the current wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. There is a great need for returning Veterans to get medical attention and rehabilitation. I flipped over to Fox & Friends, this morning. F&F, had the Mayor of Philadelphia on, and he was explaining why the Philadelphia Zoo should receive 20 million dollars, to address the Zoo's infrastructure (from the stimulus bill). This 20 million dollars will create 222 jobs. I don't exactly understand how 20 million dollars to the Philadelphia Zoo, stimulates the Country's Economy? MR. KILMEADE: In Philadelphia they want infrastructure for the children's zoo -- another zoo issue! I did note the contrast between the two different segments, one on Fox & Friends, and the other on Imus in the Morning. Our Government isn't addressing our Military Service People's health needs, returning from duty with REAL health concerns but our Government is going to take 20 million of taxpayers dollars for Zoo infrastructure? Meanwhile Bill White and others are trying to raise private dollars - from donations, to take care of our wounded American Military Service People. To say that the people in Congress have their priorities upside down, would be an understatement. Where is the leadership from the Commander and Chief?

This is an open letter to President Obama, from a Marine Wife you can read Here At Villainous Company

You can listen to Bill White here on Imus In The Morning Here.
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