Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fred Imus Proves Radio Is Still Relative

Fred Imus comments on the stimulus package. "When they get rid of all this money, nobody will know exactly what happened to it. Because there are so many crooks in Washington, and running these companies, they will figure out a way to steal it. The economy will turn around in maybe two or three years but it won't have anything to do with the stimulus package." Imus ask Fred, how he feels about Obama. Fred says we're stuck with him, Imus reminds him it has only been two and a half weeks. Fred: seems like it's been a longer it seems like four years already, and it has only been two weeks. I'm waiting for that change he was talking about which includes him. He can't get out of office fast enough. He is so naive, he wants to talk to Iran. Listen to Fred Imus Interview Here Imus in the Morning.

Fred's Trailer Park Bash on Sirus

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