Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Michael Graham 96.9 WTKK, channels his inner Camille Paglia

This mornings guest Michael Graham of 96.9 WTKK, comments on Obama's first couple of weeks in office, and Tim Geithner's performance on yesterdays televised appearance. Listening to the observations this morning on Imus in the Morning, and reading Camille Paglia's online article for Salon "a rocky first start" I was reminded of the movie "Failure To Launch" synopsis for "Failure To Launch" an adult man won't leave his parent's home, and start his adult life because he has it made at home, (or say on the campaign trail) he doesn't have to assume adult responsibilities. His parents go to great lengths to get their adult son out of their home. The parents hire an Interventionist. The Obama administration appears to be having their own failure to launch. We need to hire an Interventionist. They can dismiss Michael Graham's critique of their administrations dismal debut but when Camille Paglia agrees, it is time for some introspection and an intervention. Graham and Paglia, on the same page, this isn't the change I was expecting. This looks like President Obama is unifying the country. The kind of dogs and cats living together kind of unification, not exactly a natural relationship. Michael Graham & Imus agree, Secretary Tim Geithner needs to shut up, every time he speaks, the stock market goes down. My opinion, not that anyone asked GRIN. I think it is past time for someone in the Obama administration to stop and assess the last few weeks, and figure out the campaign is over. Failure To Launch indeed.
You can listen to Michael Graham on Imus in the Morning Here

UPDATE: I Fav Maureen Dowd NYT, isn't exactly impressed either read more here Trillion Dollar Baby

UPDATE: Ruth Marcus, Washington Post, What Rocky Start

The Washington Post does have a history of bias in favor of President Barack H Obama.

For anyone trying to keep up. There is actually a handy dandy pocket guide to those in the MSM, who have turned themselves into permanent Obama Cheerleaders here "knock it off bots"
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