Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Richard Goodwin's The Hinge of the World

The American premiere of Richard Goodwin's The Hinge of the World — directed by Edward Hall — will play the B.U. Theatre March 6-April 5, 2009. The play, according to the Huntington, "captures the moment 400 years ago when Galileo raised his telescope to the skies and created theories that shook society to its core. As word spreads from Venice to Rome, the scientist becomes a target for Pope Urban VIII and his Catholic brethren. Brought before the Holy Inquisition, Galileo is forced to choose between his religion and his life's work in this intelligent, thought-provoking epic drama about the struggle between reason and faith."

PlayBill Here

How Long Till My Soul Get's It Right.....Galileo, Indigo Girls

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