Friday, February 20, 2009

TGIF "Circus Life" I Write Sins, Not Tragedies

Re Cap Week In Review. It was a busy week just ask Nancy Pelosi, Air Traffic Controller, key word control. The Speaker of the house had a Senator from Ohio Sherrod Brown, flown in from his mother's wake to vote on the "Bend Us Over Bill" aka Stimulus Bill. The Speaker of the House couldn't wait for the U.S. Senate to vote on the largest spending bill in American history, she needed to fly off to Italy. Madame Speaker (Self proclaimed devoted Catholic) had an appointment with the Pope to keep. Something about her being some kind of Theological Scholar and Expert on the Church's position when Life starts. The Pope a Catholic himself, points out there is a "Natural Moral Law". The Pope bringing up Morals to the Speaker of the House, right after this monumental transfer of American Taxpayer Money to Government Pork Projects. I wonder how that inconvenient subject of Natural Moral Law, went over with a woman, high on a Partisan Power Rush? Remember the new era of bi partisanship this Administration claimed it wanted to usher in? There was the Travis the Chimp tragedy. Wild animals belong in The Wild this is a no brainer. The New York Post reported the story "Furious George" and then got carried away with the whole Chimp Gone Wild Idea with A Page Six Cartoon but have since rethought the imagery. Then there was Attorney General Eric Holder, calling Americans "Cowards" for not living up to his expectations of race relations in America. Lets not forget the hot water the latest Senator from Illinois, Senator Burris has found himself in. Senator Dick Durbin, interrupted his junket to Greece to weigh in on Senator Burris....The Democrats always jetting off somewhere. What about that Carbon Foot Print, and Cost To American Taxpayers? After all we have been told this is the worse financial crisis in American History since the Great Depression. The President told us so or in so many words to this effect, it is why that massive historic spending bill had to be passed, without anyone reading what they passed into law. Of course it could wait until the President, and the First Lady got back from jetting to Chicago, for him to sign. Oh I almost forgot, that's right he had to jet to Denver, Colorado to sign "The Generational Theft Act of 2009" into law . There is a blogger that keeps track of the Obama Administration, you can read about Who is Robert Wolf Here. Hint he is another banker, surprise, surprise.

The best of Imus in the Morning, this week would go to Laura Ingraham hands down. Followed by Matt Taibbi and Col Jack Jacobs. I also enjoyed Robert George, from the New York Post, you can listen to the interview here on Imus in the Morning. Matt Tabbi 19 Feb 2009, Interview Here.

Please Check out Mr Robert George's latest blog post here, on RAGGED THOTS, "Race-Holder"

Julie Kafner has synopsis of the interviews for this week, here on The Official Imus In The Morning Website.

UPDATE: Friday Morning Benediction from the Cardinal Here

I Write Sins, Not Tragedies
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