Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Van Morisson Imus Guest Thursday 26 February 2009 UPDATE: Listen to Interview

Van Morrison, Imus guest tomorrow 26 February 2009. I really enjoy Van Morrison's music. My favorite song to date would be "Wild Nights" I have not listened to "Astral Weeks" but I intend on buying the CD. The CD "Astral Weeks" has been released you can purchase it among other places online HERE. I also got hooked on "Behind the Ritual" from his Keep it Simple CD. Imus played this tune, when it was released in 2008. Drinking Wine in the Alley, Drinking Wine in the Alley....reminds me of my busy youth, out behind the Top Hat in the alley Missoula, Montana. The Top Hat always had live music, and everyone would mix together in this Missoula hot spot. You could run into Japanese businessmen, University professors, I know my sister, best friend, and I were partying with them, and blue collar folks from the pope mill, lawyers, local businessmen, cowboys, prostitutes and johns, bikers, college kids, you get the idea. Van Morrison and Imus would have felt at home. UPDATE: Listen To Van Morrison Interview Here On Imus In The Morning. Van Morrison quote "I'm not really a digital artist....I don't really believe in the myth of, ya know I mean, I think of certain acts, yeah of course, that's for certain age group or whatever, my people want hard copy" That's true but you can listen to Van's "Keep It Simple" Here On Lost Highway Records. A fan talks about what, Behind the Ritual meant to Him Here.
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