Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Border Patrol Wants To Deflower Mexican Border

This is what it looks like right now, smugglers hide in the cane and tall grasses. There is a proposal to Defoliate the Mexican Border, starting with a 1.1 test mile. At this time there has been an injunction filed. The argument is the herbicide if sprayed by helicopter would not be safe to humans and animals. The proposal also stated they could cut the cane and paint the stump with herbicide or they could remove the cane by root and not use a herbicide at all. The non use of an herbicide met with the argument of erosion no matter what is proposed there will be arguments against the U.S. from securing our border this is almost eight years since 9/11. This is a Map of the area being discussed near Laredo and Nueva Laredo that has seen a great deal of violence.

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