Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Boston Showdown: Note To Imus: Basic Training

Imus & local Boston radio talk show host had words yesterday on St Paddy's Day. Imus, I was only carrying a number #3 pencil. He was being modest, he left out his three testicles.

Hat Tip Alison!
Don Imus hits nerve with shoot ‘joke’
By Jessica Heslam
Wednesday, March 18, 2009 -

Radio shock jock Don Imus insisted he was joking when he threatened to shoot WTKK host Jay Severin during yesterday’s St. Patrick’s Day broadcast in Boston - but Severin’s agent doesn’t buy it and called the I-Man’s explanation “pathetic.”

The early morning showdown at the Wilbur Theatre - where the 68-year-old Imus told Severin to get off the stage or he’d shoot him - sparked a war of words yesterday between the two camps.

“I heard that Imus’ spokesman tried to characterize this as an ‘obvious joke’ on Imus’ part. That’s pathetic,” said Severin’s agent and attorney, George Tobia. Keep Reading Here.

Note to Imus, it isn't a Gun, it is a Side Arm. Imus had to have learned this in the Marines. "This Is My Weapon, This Is My Gun, This One Is For Shooting, And This One Is For Fun" I guess Jay "Steve" Severin wasn't having fun? Well Imus is fond of telling people "I'm Not Happy, Till You're Not Happy" Looks like Imus still has lead in his Pencil GRIN.
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