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Calvert News, Maryland Celebrated Founding, March 25, 2009

This is a portrait of Leonard Calvert, the second son of Sir George Calvert, 1st Lord Baltimore. Leonard Calvert was the first Provincial Governor of Maryland. I descend from his son William Calvert, born circa 1642 in England, husband of Elizabeth Stone, and daughter of Governor William Stone. I am a member of the Calvert Family Genealogy Group. This portrait of Leonard Calvert is currently for sale on eBay, the asking price a mere $14,500 American Dollars. The artist Van Oost I or II?

The State of Maryland just observed an Anniversary. Leonard Calvert was the Leader of the Covenant, and the Capt of the Ark & Dove. Leonard Calvert's brother Cecil Calvert 2nd Lord Baltimore, the proprietor of the Province of Maryland. Leonard Calvert acting as his brother's agent, did his brother Cecil's heavy lifting. Leonard's brother never visited his colony.
In early March 1634, the Ark and Dove reached the Chesapeake Bay, bound for the Potomac River to Maryland. The Ark and Dove arrived at Maryland on March 3, 1634. On March 25, they came ashore to celebrate the Feast of the Annunciation, that today we celebrate as Maryland Day.

The State of Maryland uses the Calvert coat of arms, and the Calvert family motto, Womanly Words and Manly Deeds. The State of Maryland changed the motto to, Feminine Words and Masculine Deeds...who knows why?

Recently Senator James Webb (D) Virginia, proposed and had legislation pass, for the study of the preservation for the Historic Northern Neck of Virginia. Early settlers of the Northern Neck of Virginia, included Calverts, and their allied kinfolk. One of George Washington's friends was Benedict Swingate Calvert of the Mt Airy Calverts, his daughter Eleanor Calvert married second David Stuart, and first John Parke Custis, George Washington's stepson. George Washington's Papers are available online at the Library of Congress. My ancestor Hezekiah Fairfax, 8th Great Grandfather. I descend through his eldest son William "Billy" Fairfax, who was born 1779 in Prince William Co.,Va., (Northern Neck of Virginia) Hezekiah Fairfax, worked for George Washington, (Ferry Plantation, this is the ferry that was used to ferry people and cargo, from the Virginia side to Marshall Hall on the Maryland side of the Potomac) Hezekiah's grand daughter Mary Fairfax born circa 1810, Prince William Co.,Va. married Simpson Cooksey born 1810 Fairfax Co.,Va., grandson of Lydia Calvert born 1750 Prince William Co.,Va. The preservation of the Historical Northern Neck of Virginia is of import to me, and all who can trace their families back to "Washington Country" so called because of the size of the footprint George Washington left on the Northern Neck of Virginia.

The first Lord Baltimore Sir George Calvert's first settlement was called "Avalon" near Newfoundland. Olde English Stomping Grounds of Sir George Calvert, Kiplin Hall.
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