Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Imus Guest Laura Ingraham, Weighs In On Talk Effing the Ineffable since 1991.

Imus and his guest Laura Ingraham, discuss the A.I.G Bailout, and subsequent bonuses paid to A.I.G. employs. Laura Ingraham will be guest hosting for Bill O'Reilly on the Factor. Ms Ingraham mentions she will be addressing the Meghan McCain weighty discussion by the chattering class, tonight in the Factor's Talking Point Memo. Laura Ingraham doesn't want to weigh in on Meghan McCain's Poltical Girth. Laura does her Nancy Pelosi imitation. I would tune into Laura Ingraham for the Nancy Pelosi "Factor" alone. Imus and Laura, discuss Cancer, Sidearms & Boston Radio Talk Show Host. Imus also mentions besides Laura Ingraham guest hosting for Bill O'Reilly tonight Wednesday March 18th, Deirdre Imus will be on Sean Hannity's Great American Panel, tomorrow Thursday March 19th, on Hannity Fox News, check your local listing. The Factor is on 7:00 Central followed by Sean Hannity.

You Can Listen to Laura Ingraham This Morning on Imus In The Morning Here.
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