Sunday, March 22, 2009

Radio Cheese Cake

The I-Man's Program Director at 77WABC is Blogging. Laurie Cantillo, is critiquing Imus In The Morning Why?

Could it be Imus won't read her emails, has he blocked her phone number?

Posted Friday, March 20, 2009. Welcome to the Daily Show Critique from the 77 WABC Program Director (known to Imus fans the world over as the lady who never answers the door..."you can ring that doorbell forever"). Bernie, you're right: offering to write a regular blog for IS akin to walking in front of a bus on 7th Avenue. I don't know what I'm thinking...but it's Friday, I'm in a good mood, the I-Man is like a shark with blood in the here goes...Keep Reading Here.

You can also check out the Official Imus In The Morning Website, the latest commercial spots for Imus In The Morning, and sign up for
Inside Imus Here.

Imus In The Morning added a new affilate last week. KQLX serving Lisbon and Fargo, North Dakota. When is Missoula, Montana going to get Imus In The Morning? Missoula is the second largest city after Billings, going by population size in the state....but we don't count the flat earthers anyway.

Meanwhile Down In Texas We Are Making Do.
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