Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Denton, Texas "Tax Day Tea Party" April 15th 2009

Denton Texas Court House April 15th, 2009. We tried to get as many photos as we could, we met a lot of people. We were reveling in the new identity the mainstream media gave us "Right Wing Radical Extremist Militants" oh yeah we be bad. It was a little scary you know being around such hard core protesters, most of them just getting off work. We would ask them could we take a photo of your sign? And they would say sure, and hold it up for us, we would say thanks, they would say no problem or you're welcome...real intimidating crowd. I was worried any minute someone might offer me a snack or you know something to drink. There were all kinds of people attending the rally. Young and Old a lot of kids, and they were holding signs like you know - I don't want to be a slave to China ect...geeze kids, and none of them wanted any kool aid. We would have liked to have heard the speeches but there was no way to get near the Court House steps. We milled around talked to people, and then Jesus showed up. I didn't get a picture of Jesus, I should have, I mean Easter just passed, I had proof he has risen. There he was 3 days later milling around The Denton Tax Day, Tea Party. Obviously it was time to leave. I remember what Jesus did to the money changers. I mean I am already labeled a Right Wing Radical Extremist Militant. I just can't take any of that biblical wrath of God heat right now. What would Jesus do? Apparently he would attend a Tea Party in Denton, Texas. That's got to be some kind of sign GRIN.

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