Monday, April 6, 2009

Ideological Bigotry, by Eric aka Tygrrrr Express

Eric's book "Ideological Bigotry" is now available for purchase a little about Eric.

eric has dedicated his life to fighting ideological bigotry - what he defines as a pervasive disdain for conservatives merely because they exist. With this book, eric presents his best columns as a cohesive discussion, ranging from serious to senseless, of why questioning issues such as the legality of gay marriage does not make one a homophobe; wanting to privatize social security does not mean one wishes to see seniors bleeding to death on the streets; and examining whether affirmative action succeeds does not make one a racist. With engaging and often amusing insight, eric illustrates how people can disagree without impugning their humanity. Keep Reading Here.

You can find Tygrrrr Express Blog Here.

Logistic Monster
, blogger for City Tavern, has a similar take on this topic "This Is Your Come To Jesus Moment"
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