Monday, April 6, 2009

Imus guest Frank Rich, Americans Torqued Over Bail Outs

Imus guest this morning, Frank Rich of the New York Times. They discuss Frank's take on Wall Street vs Detroit Bail Outs, the double standard. There is a romance that surrounds Americans love of their cars however Americans view of Wall Street not so sentimental. Imus asked Frank Rich, why does this President feel it necessary to disparage this Country, he almost sounded like he was patronizing the Europeans. Frank Rich thinks that President Obama was over compensating for the last administrations posture toward European Countries. Imus thinks stylistically the First Couple are very appealing, he just doesn't think President Obama knows what he's doing....Frank laughs, you can't have everything. Then Frank gave an example of how Barack Obama's image, has helped America Internationally. When President Obama, arrived at 10 Downing Street, he reached out to shake hands with an English Bobby. When the same Bobby reached out his hand to shake Gordon Brown's hand next, Brown ignored him because of their class system, and inbrededness. (IMO) Ignoring class distinction is an American trait. You can listen to Frank Rich this morning on Imus In The Morning Here.

You Can Read Frank Rich's article "Even Rick Wagoner’s Firing Got Lousy Mileage"

I don't know that it is just Americans, who have a Romance with their Cars.
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