Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Imus Guest, Howard Kurtz Can't Produce His Communist Card

Howard Kurtz, Imus guest this morning, on Imus in the Morning. Howard Kurtz the host of "Reliable Sources" on CNN. Howard Kurtz also writes for the "Washington Post".

Imus and Howard, discuss Eliot Spitzer trying to rehab his image and pay for his highly publicized sexual sins. Imus and Howard critique, the Fox Business Channel, which Imus doesn't watch for business information apparently. Howard tries to be as objective as he knows how about the Tax Day Tea Party coverage. There is a poll posted at the Tea Party Website above, about CNN's coverage of the event.

Imus explains to Howard exactly why people were protesting. The fact is this is an extraordinary amount of money being wasted. Not at all what his friend Paul Begala stated, people were protesting paying their taxes. This is why I listen, and watch Imus in the Morning, and not CNN, MSNBC or FOX in the morning.

Imus explains to Howard, that there is more to be outraged about now, about money being wasted than during the Bush administration. Howard brings up, that this bailing out of the banks started at the end of the Bush administration. Imus asks Howard, do you have a card that says, member of communist party?

It took Howard awhile but by the end of the Interview, Imus had him admitting that Howard knows exactly what the Tax Day Tea Partys were about.

I can tell Howard Kurtz, what one of the major angst was on April 15th. People don't TRUST their Government, that won't read bills before voting for them. They don't TRUST the mainstream media, who belittled them and derided their legitimate right to peaceful assembly and protest. If this current administration, and the mainstream media takes nothing else away from the Tea Partys, let them take this one theme "TRUST" the public atttending these Tea Partys, don't TRUST their Government or the MSM to represent them, and deal with them fairly. The Fourth Estate just disappeared? The Government has gone completely tone deaf, no wonder President Barack H Obama said, he knew nothing about the Tea Partys. He isn't listening to "We The People"

You can listen to Howard Kurtz Interview this morning on Imus In The Morning Here.

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