Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Imus Guest Mike Lupica, Wanders Into McCordville

Imus guest this morning Mike Lupica gets tagged teamed by Imus and Charles McCord this morning.

Imus suggest that they try flying the clue flag this morning, and see if Mike can salute it.

Mike Lupica finds out that indeed Charles McCord does know what tea bagging means, and that he is more worldly than himself.

Imus has a problem with President Obama's recent international tour, where he points out our flaws, on his Dixie Chicks tour but none of our accomplishments. Imus sites Michael Goodwins's article in the New York Daily News. You can read "If President Obama Won't Defend The U.S. Who Will". Mike doesn't agree with Imus, he thinks that President Obama shouldn't have to place his criticism of our country into context. Imus insist, on this the Presidents first international tour, he should put the criticism in context, and point out all that America has accomplished, and contributed to the international community. Mike Lupica's article from the New York Daily News, "Cut The Dumb Analysis Of Obama: Old Ways Of Dealing With Foes Don't Make Sense"

Imus reads this from Michael Goodwins article:

There is nothing inaccurate with those sentiments. But Obama didn't put them in any context. By acknowledging our flaws and skipping our many grand achievements, he fed the sense we are only the sum of our failures.

He could have said America has done more to advance freedom around the world than any nation in history. That our soldiers who died fighting tyranny are buried on battlefields across the globe. That our charity is unique. That we have an immigration problem because the world wants to live here. And that without us, man's lot would be much, much "darker."

You can listen to Mike Lupica interview, this morning on Imus In The Morning Here.

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