Monday, April 13, 2009

Life is a Journey not a Destination

Everywhere I look, I see negativity. Whether it be the bad economy, lying politicians, war or illegal drugs and alcohol abuse. We have a silent epidemic, a war on the masses, going on under the radar. Fed by our media, and government propaganda (SEE MARKETERS). A good portion of us in some way are exhibiting low-self esteem.... complaining or avoiding , judging one another harshly, behaving defensively when no one is threatening, apologizing for self and others, when no slight has been made, guilt massive guilt.

Who is conditioning people to judge themselves and others so critically?
Take a look at the standard held up in the Media, who put them in charge of your ID? Well you do whenever you buy into their slick marketing tricks. I promise they know what makes you tick. The sales pitch usually centers around making yourself and your habitat over or better. What's wrong with the way you are? People are like snowflakes unique, enjoy your uniqueness, hell celebrate it. It seems like as good a reason as any to have a party, and enjoy yourself and others company. Oh does that seem too self centered, and you are undeserving? Who told you that? What is your birthday for if it isn't to celebrate you maybe you don't deserve one of those either? Who makes the rules you live by? Who makes the standards you hold yourself up to? If the answer isn't in your mirror it is time for some inner reflection.

Its easy to know if you are one of the masses that feel poorly about yourself, and others around you.
Here are 10 tell tale signs.

1. Walking with your head down.
2. You don't make and/or sustain direct eye contact with others
3. You do not accept compliments well.

4. You apologize and feel guilty.

5. You get frustrated, impatient, or angry often.

6. You use negative, hopeless language.

7. You are depressed

8. You take things personally
9. You do not engage with others.

10. You do not take risks.

Low self-esteem can have devastating consequences. It can cause anxiety, problems with relationships, impair academic and/or job performance, and it can lead to increased vulnerability to drug and alcohol abuse.
Think about what our society would be like if every one had just 50% more positive outlook of themselves, and the world around them. Everyone would be living consciously, responsibly, and with integrity. It would enormously change our society. I think a movement should be started where we all practice self nurturing and positive affirmations. Practice basic self care, eat well, get enough sleep, plan fun things in your life, go to a movie, reward yourself when you accomplish something (no matter how minute the accomplishment) example, I got all my housework done today. I'm going to treat myself out to dinner tonight. Don't be too critical of yourself, forgive yourself when you don't do all you hoped, and focus on what you did do. Help others around you. Give people hugs, tell people you love them, tell people "GOOD JOB" it goes a long way. Always give yourself positive affirmations. I did well today, I'm a smart person, I was nice to that elderly lady today. No matter how silly you have been programed - conditioned to believe. Positive self nurturing is one of the most important building blocks you have. Your subconscious will be reprogrammed into a healthy positive reflection of your inner light, and you will be the better for it. Not only mentally, but physically. The saying, You are what you eat, is just as significant for what your mind consumes. Positive & negative stimuli is being stored in your subconscious just like fast food gets stored in your fat cells, and shows up on your thighs.

Self Esteem is one of those things that needs daily watering, and care to thrive, and bloom.
People think the grass is greener on the other side....but once you get to that other side....if you don't water the grass it will turn brown

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