Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Neil Cavuto, Al Sharpton & Acorn Call For Sheriff Joe Arpaio To Resign

Let me get this straight Joe Arpaio, has been elected by the people of Maricopa County, AZ how many times to the Sheriff's Position? But now Al Sharpton and Acorn, decide that he is a racist? How does that work Sheriff Joe Arpaio, isn't doing anything different then he has for years but all of a sudden Al Sharpton decides he is a racist, and he has to resign? Al Sharpton, is not holding an elected or appointed Government office in this Country, last time I checked. Unless a Poster Boy for the IRS counts? I remember when Al Sharpton decide Imus and Bernard McGuirk, had to be fired for a sound bite. Imus in the Morning broke no FCC rules, and was not investigated nor fined. I thought Barack H Obama, was supposed to be the transitional President, this is the new era in American Race Relations? Going after Sheriff Joe Arpaio, for enforcing American Immigration Law, passed by our U.S. Congress and signed into Law, is not racist. President Obama, this isn't new politics, this isn't change.

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