Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Somalia - Teenage Wasteland

The Mainstream Media has been reporting on the age of the captured Somalia pirate from the hostage taking of Capt Phillips, and his rescue. They have been reporting that he is in the neighborhood of 16 years old. For some reason our Mainstream Media thinks that makes him a child? In a country where the life expectancy is about 47 years old, compared to the U.S. where the life expectancy for males is somewhere in the 70s, that would be the non pirate population GRIN. I am pretty sure it's difficult to get insurance, when you choose Piracy as your vocation. Take a look at the median age for a Somalian 17 years old. Who does our American Media think is attacking ships, and demanding ransom off the coast of Somalia? The Media is also overlaying a Western morality on to this Pirate, now in custody. Somalians are not from the Western World, they don't share our culture (The High Value We Place On Individual Life). If people like Mika of Morning Joe, want to feel sympathy for them, and not the over 200 hostages, they are still holding. It won't be a surprise, that is a pretty typical response coming from the liberal media, who only see victims, and not perpetrators.

AP/ Yahoo News April 14th,2009 Choong said pirate attacks this year had risen to 78, with 19 of those ships hijacked and 17 vessels with over 300 crew still in pirates' hands. Each boat carries the potential of a million-dollar ransom. Keep Reading Here.

CIA World Fact book For Somalia

Age Structure
0-14 years: 45% (male 2,215,331/female 2,204,503)
15-64 years: 52.6% (male 2,588,356/female 2,579,737)
65 years and over: 2.5% (male 101,764/female 142,326) (2009 est.)

Median Age
total: 17.5 years male: 17.4 years female: 17.6 years (2008 est.)

Life Expectancy At Birth
total population: 49.63 years male: 47.78 years female: 51.53 years (2009 est.)

"Going Bush" is not a new phenomena it has happened in our own country's history. An Example, would be the reaction to the phenomena in colonial S.C., the formation of the South Carolina Regulators. They formed because the British Government couldn't address law and order on the American Frontier. When there is a vacuum, someone - groups, will step in to fill the void. This is happening in the North Western Territory of Pakistan, Pakistan which is said to have abdicated their authority to the Taliban. This is a much more serious situation, then teenage pirates off the coast of Somalia. (Somalia Pirates stated to be numbering 1,500.)

I wonder how the Pirate's age in custody could be verified? The truth is because of malnutrition in African Countries, the people will suffer from normal growth patterns (They might appear smaller so younger then they really are). I suppose a dentist could take a look at his wisdom teeth? To see if he is near the age he claims. In all likelihood he doesn't know his exact age himself - because of lack of records, kept at the civil level in Somalia, and other African countries it could be impossible to verify his age, and others involved in Piracy off the coast of Somalia. The Median Age of 17 (C.I.A. Fact Book) is a good indicator of the age of the majority of the population in the country.

UPDATE: The surviving pirate from this incident is now being reported on Fox News as 19 years of age, and the ring leader. 17 April 2009

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