Friday, April 17, 2009

TGIF "Circus Life" Art - ificial Life

Week In Review, the medias response to Tax Day ,Tea Partys. You can find art in nature, Natural Life. There is also Bio Technology, a kind of hybrid art, Bio Art. There is also Artificial Life, it also creates art.

The Media is a form of Artificial Life, it has Performers - Artist. This past week Americans all over this country, celebrated and exercised, their right to peacefully assemble. Their 1st Amendment Right to Free Speech, and Freedom of Expression. I witnessed some very creative expressions first hand. Tea Partys numbering over 800, sprung up in response to Irresponsible Spending and Bail Outs of Private Industry by our Government with tax payer's money. Our Government aka We The People.

The mainstream media has been programed - conditioned to respond to anything that it's liberal bias feels is a threat by belittling and dismissing. Their target this past week, Americans who don't hold the same Political Ideology or Political Agenda. I have read that the mainstream media is a mirror held up to our society but this couldn't be further from the truth. The mainstream media has turned into a circus with performers. The response to Americans protesting their Governments wasteful spending was met with derision and contempt. Here is a person who apparently works for CNN, that felt the need to harass Americans for their "Audacity" of actually participating in a protest a peaceful assembly. I don't know why this person felt the need to derided fellow Americans, except they didn't agree with this person's political ideology Here & Here. The mainstream media doesn't pretend to be objective anymore.

They are not holding up a mirror to American Society. They are behaving like many people have come to know online as "Trolls" there is some kind of morphing going on today in Old Media. I can only guess that networks like CNN and MSNBC feel that if they bait and flame (sensationalize the news) they will attract Viewers. Are they actively trying to build a Troll Base is that an under served demographic? Do trolls have a lot of expendable income? Networks need people to tune into their channels because they need ratings to stay in business. These networks operate because sponsors buy advertising -commercials to sell their products. Here is the ironic part, the same people these networks are deriding and dismissing, are the ones with jobs and money, who would buy their sponsor's products. It seems self defeating, with the current economy presently in a downturn are these network news producers, trying to put themselves out of business by actively alienating a potential viewing public? ( The only program I watch on CNN is Lou Dobbs). Tax Day, Tea Party coverage was a boon for one network - Fox News. Fox News, didn't cover average Americans as if their grievances were not worthy of anyone's attention. Fox News was rewarded with ratings "Fox Rocks Ratings Surge" Why isn't the mainstream media following the lead of Fox News?

If the mainstream media isn't mirroring society, what is it mirroring? As far as I can tell it is reacting to the Internet in a clumsy way trying to morph, adapt (imitate) New Media. There is an old saying, Life Imitates Art. In this case Artificial Life - the mainstream media, is imitating some of the worst by products of New Media "Trolling". Do any of these networks, who have mocked average every day Americans aka (consumers) have any marketers employed to advise them of the risk of alienating potential audiences? Do they believe their coverage will be received positively by the present Administration so they will gain some influence, resulting in access to the present Administration? (They All Had a Chance This Past Week To Have Access To This Government We The People Are The Government) There is another old saying "you attract more bees with honey then you do vinegar". Hopefully the President of the United States of America, does not condone the treatment of his people by a jaded out of touch media, that appears to be bankrupt, and out of original ideas. When Barack H Obama won the election he stated, he was everyone's President, that includes dissenters remember Dissent is Patriotic. The mainstream media could take some cues from this high profile blogger it appears that new media has figured out how to remove the middle man. Here are a couple of websites that keep track of media trends and personalities, Chickaboomer & Inside Cable News 2.0. If you believe that sometimes life immitates art, it appears artificial life also immitates.

The Week In Review Imus In The Morning there were two especially upbeat interviews this week one with Sally Quinn and her son Quinn Bradley about Quinn Bradley's new book. A Different Life: Growing Up Learning Disabled and Other Adventures. The other really upbeat interview this week was with Lee Woodruff and her new book. Perfectly Imperfect: A Life In Progress. You can listen to Imus In The Morning Interviews Here. The Official Imus In The Morning Website Here. You can sign up for premium service Inside Imus Here.

My Impression of the Mainstream Media's Coverage of Tax Day, Tea Partys held across the country this past week. Predictable, Preconditioned, Conforming & Devoid of Objectivity. They reminded me of ZOMBIES.
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