Thursday, April 9, 2009

TGIF "Circus Life" Tea & Cookies

I have decided since Tax Day is coming up April 15th, and all the Tea Partys ,that have been planned for around the country to observe this secular event. I decided I would blog about why I am supporting the Tea Party Protest. First off I have watched this dismissive behavior by the MSM. According to this person, the Media gets to decide what Americans get to protest about, and what they will cover. I give this person's performance an F for talking down to Neil Cavuto, and his audience. Tax Day for me, I get to Bail Out GM. Apparently I get to pay for an auto, I never get to take possession of or ever drive (I can't even imagine what my non existent mileage is going to cost). What is the protest about- The Bail Outs, the out of control Government Spending. Newsflash it is Tax Payer Money NOT politician's money being spent. The people we elected to public office our public servants are raiding the Public's Cookie Jar, and leaving I.O.U. This isn't about political ideology this is about American Solvency, and all of our quality of life. Tea Partys are not about class warfare, they are not about race, they are not about conservatives or about liberals. The Partys are about stopping the raid on our Collective Cookie Jar.

I am going to use Mother's Circus Animal Cookies as an example for No Bail Outs. Last October 2008, Mother's Circus Cookies, went out of business. I know, I know, it sent shock waves through the blogosphere.

San Fransisco Chronicle, Mother's Cookies abruptly shut down George Raine, Chronicle Staff Writer,Thursday, October 9, 2008
10-08) 17:21 PDT -- Mother's Cookies, an Oakland institution for 92 years, has been shuttered, its owner seeking bankruptcy protection for the company.The ending was abrupt: Workers for the company, which shifted its baking and distribution operations to plants in Ohio and Canada in 2006, told workers Friday that operations would cease and cookies would no longer be made as of Monday.The company cited rising prices for raw materials and fuel, and on Monday filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware. Keep Reading Here. It get's worse there is a video keep a hanky handy.

It's okay there is a happy ending for Mother's Circus Cookies, it was saved by the law of supply and demand, and Kelloggs bought them out, in Dec 2008. That is how Capitalism is supposed to work! The American Taxpayer is not supposed to be subsidizing failing private companies. Oh and I read where the reason Mother's was going out of business was because of greedy cookie makers, trying to squeeze out an even bigger profit by moving all of it's businesses out of America....but I think those rumors were probably being spread by opportunistic competition.

In related baking news it's Good Friday, time for some Hot Cross Buns. Rob Bartlett of Imus In The Morning, was blogging about how NOT to react to Imus's prostrate cancer diagnosis: I would like to offer the following 'Rules of Thumb' on how to engage and relate to the I-Man, during this challenge in his life: This Is -

No #4 - Don't send him anything through the mail.

He is a very powerful man. He can avail himself to any miracle cure extant on this physical plane of existence, so he does not need or want any of your stupid 'Good Luck' charms or religious paraphernalia; up to, but not excluding, Crosses, Crucifixes, Stars of David, Rabbit's Feet, or images of Jesus burnt into a tortilla, even if they were blessed by some Tibetan Holy Man. The I-Man is considered his own deity. He is God's Other Son. So keep your stupid necklaces and beads and trinkets to yourselves. Do NOT send him any effing Teddy Bears, Balloon Bouquets or Flowers. If you simply cannot go on with your own life without sending along some token of your support, appreciation and gratitude for his existence in the universe, make it a bottle of Vicodin. 100 mgs, in bottles of 500 only. And then never contact him again. Ever.

So we're not supposed to send him anything through the mail, Got It! I will just post it right here. Hot cross buns were eaten after sundown to break the Good Friday fast. In the Middle Ages, they were believed to have powers of protection and healing. People would hang a hot cross bun from the rafters of their homes for protection through the coming year. And if someone was sick, some of the dried bun would be ground into powder and mixed with water for the sick person to drink. Keep Reading Here.

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