Friday, April 24, 2009

TGIF "Circus Life" Torture The Slow Burn

The Week In Review, The Tortured Edition. There was a lot of talk about torture this past week. Of course that isn't what the C.I.A. calls, enhanced interrogation techniques. A lot of talk about waterboarding, and defining what is and isn't torture. No one brought up in the news cycle that the American People, are tortured daily by their own government. Defining torture, this one is like shooting fish in a barrel. How about we start with the Speaker of the House, and what she had to say about American Citizens, who attended Tax Day Tea Partys. Can the C.I.A.'s enhanced interrogation techniques match up to, what an out of control Government Beauracrat can do to the citizenry?

There is an old story, if you put a frog, in a pot of cold water. Slowly turn the heat up, the frog doesn't jump because it gets acclimated slowly to the temperature of the water slowly rising, and eventually is boiled to death.

Wikipedia keep reading here.
The story is generally told in a figurative context, with the upshot being that people should make themselves aware of gradual change lest they suffer a catastrophic loss. Often it is used to illustrate a slippery-slope argument. For example, many civil libertarians argue that even minor increases in government authority, which may seem less noteworthy, make future increases in that authority more likely: what would once have seemed a huge power grab, the argument goes, now becomes seen as just another incremental increase, and thus appears more palatable. In the boiling-frog allegory, the frog represents the citizenry, whilst the gradual heating of the water represents the incremental encroachment of government. Others have used it as an analogy with the growth of the offshore-world over decades, and how ordinary citizens have accepted the presence of abusive tax havens.

The Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi: I knew nothing. In response to the use of waterboarding. So the speaker of the house doesn't know how to use Google? That's what I like to hear from the ranking member of the House, that she's clueless, and was left in the dark. Is this Torture?

There was a lot of tortured reasoning being applied to the Tax Day Tea Partys, "1" by a "24" television cast member. Not to be outdone Sheppard Smith of another Fox affiliate, drops the F Bomb on torture here.

When did the C.I.A.'s enhanced interrogation techniques become torture? The NYT reports in their article headline Banned Techniques. Where is the torture folks, where is waterboarding defined legally by the government as torture? A better question, is our National Security being politicized? If waterboarding can be turned into torture, (See Straw Man) show trials can go forward, now that is backwards looking, and counter productive. See bureaucrats torturing citizenry above.

What about DHS secretary Janet Napolitano's tortured logic? No more use of the word terrorism to describe well terrorism. Terrorism is now to be referred to as "man made disasters" and a DHS memo, recently put returning American Military Veterans on a list of possible terrorist. The latest Napolitano logic was really significant, the Canadian border is just as dangerous as the Mexican border. Napolitano sites, the 9/11 terrorist coming into the country from Canada (No as a matter of fact they didn't). Janet Napolitano is comparing the Mexican border, with on going drug cartel violence, that has spread across the border into our own country, to the Canadian border. Finally someone is paying attention, to the threat from the north. Does this mean that our government is going to start torturing Canada Ay?

This past week GE tortured it's shareholders, the only reason we know about it, is because a rival network of GE's corporate owned MSNBC, reported on the incident.

There is the President's latest summit meeting in Trinidad, Tobago, how does one top bowing to the Saudi King at the G20? Hug dictators in Latin America, yeah that was torturous to witness.

Torture is a relative concept, people have been discussing this issue: How Americans felt about our government using torture on our enemies. I have not been able to find a discussion, of how Americans feel about their government torturing them. The only sign I have found that Americans are aware of this daily onslaught of torture, can be found here.

UPDATE: Obama not so keen on Torture Investigations.

This Week in Review, Imus In The Morning. I really enjoyed Howard Kurtz interview this week, Imus interviewing Howard about the Tax Day Tea Partys, was like pulling teeth. Mike Lupica got a taste of the Imus/McCord smackdown. Col Jack Jacobs this morning, confides he enjoys Imus waterboarding, our government's version, not so much. You can listen to Imus In The Morning Interviews Here. The Official Imus In The Morning Website Here. You can get Inside Imus which is probably a form of torture, developed especially just for Imus Fans.

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