Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Top Gun Trumps - Goraphobia

Dear Mr. Al Gore,
I want to take this minute to thank you, for offering me an invitation to your Global Warming Alarmist Cult. I am going to have to sadly decline however. I am already too busy with the Scientology Cult. Tom Cruise sang You Lost That Loving Feeling, and I got sucked in.

Your information was very moving, but it baffles me that we small peons bka Homo Sapiens, could possibly kill the earth ( the earth and the rest of the solar system has been around about 4.55 billion years). Some perspective for the Global Baloney Alarmist, in comparison to the Earth, and all the Species, that have ever inhabited this planet - We are fleas to the earth. At best we are in a symbiotic relationship with mother nature, and that is being kind. One day the earth will just get fed up, and take a flea dip or shake us off, in the immortal words of George Carlin, May Peace Be Upon Him. That or we will have to wait 3-5 billion years for the Sun to go Supernova, and take us all out. The earth has its cycles: Cold, Warm, Cold, Warm, etc. Some of the most prolific dinosaurs became extinct because of these cycles. I do not think man kind will become extinct however. After all mother nature outfitted us nicely, we are the only mammals with the "Big Brain" with all the lovely reasoning skills that entails, not to mention opposable thumbs. I promise you before we can do any significant damage to the earth, we will be another experiment of nature, added to the ash heaps of time. I know you like to believe you are omnipotent, but the truth is you are as weak, fragile, and fallible as the rest of us. The only truth in life is we are born dying. (The inevitability of life here on earth, Death & Taxes) So instead of trying to dazzle us with your supposed brilliance or baffle us with your bullshit, why don't you take the time to save some poor starving child, in any number of places around the planet. It's so easy even a caveman could do it.
Thank you again for your offer. If you ever tire of being the leader of the Global Warming Cult, and you find it is becoming too strenuous for you, the Scientologists always have extra room for a new convert. Just like Motel 6, will leave the lights on for you ;)
As The World Turns, These Are The Days Of Our Lives
Sincerely Yours,
Gullible, Naval Gazing Scientologist

Oh Superman Where Are You Now.....
phil collins-genesis land of confusion music video
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