Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Whatcha Gonna Do Mama, Now That The Roast Beefs Gone? UPDATE

We're in a trader's market not investor market.
Friday April 17, 2009, 10:55 am EDT

“I think the real-money investors are still watching because I don’t think the fundamentals are in place yet where the people feel like they can do good fundamental homework,” Niederauer said. “So the feeling I’ve got talking to a lot of investors is they’re still watching and waiting.”

Niederauer called the current rally “too much, too soon,” and said investor confidence remains fragile.

“There’s no doubt that a lot of the … equity investing attitudes have been damaged and I think it remains to be seen whether that damage is irreparable,” he said. “They’re certainly not just going to come running back.” Keep Reading Here. Click on the photo of Queen Nancy, read about Going Galt.

More Nancy Pelosi from a PUMAS view, this isn't only those Right Wing Extremist. San Fran Nan is popular in the blogsphere this morning, Villainous Company Memory & Accountability.

This little piggy went to market.
This little piggy stayed at home.
This little piggy had roast beef,
This little piggy had none.
And this little piggy cried "Wee! Wee! Wee!" all the way home.

This reminds me of the Canadian band, The Guess Who classic "American Woman" the long version, where Burton Cummings sings "Whatchew gonna do, mama, now that the roast beef's gone?" taking a parting shot at Randy Bachman who was leaving the band.

UPDATE Economy shrinks at worse than expected pace keep reading here.

Don't Give Me No Hand Me Down World, I Got One Already

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