Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Fav Howard Kurtz "No One Knows Who The Hell Is Running North Korea"

Imus Guest this morning, Howard Kurtz, host of Reliable Sources CNN. Imus starts quizzing Howard Kurtz first thing. Howard Kurtz, has done his homework. They discuss whether the latest North Korean underground nuclear test, will have any consequences. He admits to Imus he doesn't know who the hell is running North Korea, it's a tough situation. Howard Kurtz still can't produce that communist card GRIN. I'm just saying if Howard Kurtz, really were a card carrying communist, he would know who is running communist North Korea. Howard Kurtz, doesn't know who the President's Supreme Court pick is going to be. Howard, filpped around the channels this morning, and stopped on Fox News, not knowing what Imus would ask him. Howard admits to Imus he always thought that empathy was a good thing. Mr Kurtz, Lady Justice is wearing a blind fold this is intentional. Justice is supposed to be blind. Imus scolds Howard, for not watching American Idol, isn't that your job? Howard Kurtz, more familiar with watching the news, tries his best to determine the voting rules for American Idol. The topic of President Obama and Vice President Cheney's dueling speeches last week comes up. Imus quizzes Howard Kurtz, on the number of deferments Dick Cheney and Joe Biden, had during the Vietnam War. Howard is flunking this line of questioning. Howard Kurtz thinks that it is a good thing we have a President that didn't serve in Vietnam because we have been having the Vietnam service argument for the last 40 years. Going back to familiar ground, Imus wants to know who, Howard thinks is doing the best on Sunday mornings.....you will have to listen to the interview to find out who Howard Kurtz likes. My favorite is Chris Wallace of Fox News, He's Sassy!

You can listen to Howard Kurtz on Imus In The Morning Here.

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