Thursday, May 28, 2009

I Fav Laura Ingraham, Reaches Perfect Pitch

Laura Ingraham, Imus's guest this morning on Imus in the morning. Laura wants to know why Obama pronounces Pakistan, Packee - stan but pronounces Afghanistan well Afghanistan. Before Laura Ingraham was a talk radio diva, she was a clerk for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, and clerked for the 2nd circut, Court of Appeals, where she clerked for Judge Winters. Laura doesn't believe that Judge Sotomayor's personal story is relevant to her being elected to the highest court in the land. For example Justice Thomas didn't count as an African American. Despite his personal story where he had to sleep in a chair until he was six years old. Okay you can't get much more poorer than where he came from in Pin Point, Georgia. They didn't give one rat's you know what about Justice Thomas's personal story. Because he didn't buy into this Utopian notion of remaking America, according to this more European Socialist model. He didn't buy into that so his personal story didn't count. She (Sotomayer) has the right probably political out look for them, and so her personal story is going to be highlighted, and sold, and resold, and retold, and she is going to be an inspiration to Latinas and Latinos. And yet Justice Thomas, and Justice Miguel Estrada, weren't any such inspiration so they were fair game for ridicule and disparagement.

Laura is correct Judge Sotomayer is being pitched to the American People, using her personal narrative. The same thing was done by marketers during the last Presidential campaign, when Barack H Obama's personal story was being highlighted. Although Governor Sarah Palin's personal story was derided in the mainstream media. Peggy Noonan, even commented she didn't understand why the Republicans insisted on using the personal narrative. PN: The most qualified? No! I think they went for this — excuse me– political bullshit about narratives. No double standard here folks just keep moving along/sarc. Make no mistake Marketers are shaping and selling political perception. Marketers know what resonates with the American public. They are constantly studying American habits to figure out what works. Marketers know how to pitch products to American consumers. That is why in the mainstream media, it seems like we are constantly being sold on one politician or another. For example, compare the current news cycle treatment of Senator Burris, compared to the coverage of Judge Sotomayer.

Imus confides to Laura, that when she fills in for Bill O'Reilly, on his Fox News Program The Factor, That Imus, Charles, Bernie, and Lou have started watching her with the sound on. Laura, has reached the perfect pitch.

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