Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Imus Guest Paul Begala "The Guru"

I Fav Paul Begala, Imus guest this morning. Imus introduces Paul Begala as a Political Guru. Political Guru, of The Democrat Party you know the Party of Love. Imus tells Paul Begala, you can't be bad mouthing Rush, he's my homeboy. Paul Begala, on Rush Limbaugh " I'm glad you guys are friends, and Jesus loves him, I don't"

Paul Begala starts spinning President Obama's flip flopping on releasing the Abu Ghraib photos. Begala: good for him, it's another way he is different from Bush. Begala I know they will try to spin President Obama's flip flopping.

I believe Paul Begala when he states people - the political opposition, will start spinning the President's political decisions. Begala has no rival when it comes to political spin. Paul weighs in on Joe Biden, disclosing where the VP bat cave is located. This just in: Paul decides he thinks Nancy Pelosi might be telling the truth.....Imus doesn't buy it, and thinks, Paul Begala might need a torture session himself.

Watch out for that "Political Karma" Mr Begala. Sometimes Karma can be a real Bitch.
The U.S. is at the beginning of what Great Britain is reaping after 10 years of the same financial policies, proposed by our Progressive led Government, that are being instituted here in the U.S. right now. You can read about, and watch the video of the results of those policies in Great Britain Here On Logistic Monster. There is an old warning that fits, although I believe it is being widely ignored "If You Sow The Wind - You Will Reap The Whirlwind"

You can listen to Paul Begala this morning on Imus In The Morning HERE.

Imus in the Morning Official Website HERE.

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