Friday, May 29, 2009

Pontypool "Don't Scream -Shut Up Or Die"

Synopsis: Grizzled morning radio legend Grant Mazzy has pissed off a lot of people in the radio business. That's why he finds himself announcing school closures and traffic reports from the basement headquarters of The Beacon in the icy remote hamlet of Pontypool. On his way to work on a particularly frigid Valentines Day morning, Mazzy is accosted by a dazed and mumbling woman banging at his car window who then suddenly disappears into the blizzard. As the workday continues, Mazzy and his radio station staff slowly discover that this seemingly innocuous occurrence may be linked to bizarre outbreak.

The Caption: Don't Speak, Don't Scream - Shut Up Or Die....I am familiar with the plot for this movie LMAO. Life is like a Bad B Ho'er Movie.

Hat Tip to Dee & CG, Not Another Imus Blog

CG said...

Haha, nice!

I just read the review, and it seems like the Imus character is hiding in the wilderness from gangs of disease-ridden zombies. So, it's a documentary? ;-)

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